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By Steve Laube On January 17, Here are a few best cover letter writers site online for best cover letter writers site online to consider when approaching an agent. Remember to use these as hints…do not follow them slavishly as if a literary agent is going to spend their time critiquing your cover letter. By the way, we make a distinction between a cover letter and a query letter. A cover letter is what goes on top of a longer proposal and sample chapters.

We happen to prefer the cover letter along with the rest of the package. Because a query only shows that you can write a letter. A proposal begins the process of showing that you best cover letter writers site online how to write a book. Address the letter to a specific person.

If sending something to The Steve Laube Agency, simply address the appropriate agent. Every proposal will cross the desk of the designated agent eventually. If you are submitting to an agent, visit their web site and follow their guidelines!!! We cannot emphasize this enough! If you use a market guide book or some online database listing of agents best cover letter writers site online editors, make sure you have the most current information because addresses do change go to the web site.

Our main office changed its mailing address in February of …and we still discover that material is being sent to the old address. You would be astounded by the number of calls or inquiries we receive from writers who have not done their research. That shows an here of the market that is best left alone. Read this blog post for a larger discussion on this point.

The fiction sound bite could include:. The central issue of the story. Or a best cover letter writers site online The non-fiction sound bite should include the main focus or topic.

One suggestion is to describe the Problem, Solution, and Application. One suggestion would be, for your intended best cover letter writers site online, read a number of recent books in the same genre as your own best cover letter writers site online familiarize yourself with market. Click here to review a sample non-fiction cover letter one of our clients who approached us via an email inquiry.

It was virtually unreadable. Categories: Book ProposalsGet PublishedPublishing A-ZWriting Craft Tags: book proposalsCover LetterPitching Thanks for clarifying the difference between best cover letter writers site online query and a cover letter. Thanks for the helpful information. Appreciate, too, your making it print friendly. This is very helpful. Thank you for this overview of the cover letter. I critique manuscripts at writers conferences, and I plan to refer them to this post!

I am confused; this article requires a cover letter be ONE page, double-spaced, exactly while the Guidelines article requests the story be summed up in up to THREE pages, single-spaced. So what are you supposed to do since these contradict and I would like to present myself as expected by Mr.

The synopsis is not the cover letter. That piece is where you tell the whole story of the novel in a maximum of three single spaced pages.

Any presentation package to an agent or a publisher has three parts. The word count, target audience and platform are all mentioned briefly in the cover letter. Should they also be reiterated more in-depth in the proposal? Just trying to line up my wayward ducks. As an aside, for further clarification — the sample chapters should always be the first three correct? No other chapters instead? And you have a prelude, I would assume that would not be counted as the first chapter, particularly if it is only a few pages?

One last question please: in the cover letter should you use specific names of characters or simply be broad until you arrive at the synopsis? Always the first pages. Include a prelude or a preface if applicable. The idea for the limitation is to keep what you send under 50 pages of text. Some chapters are very short, some are long. As for the cover letter?

But they can be used if appropriate. Thank you again and one absolutely necessary and final question please: my prelude is the first 4 pages and. Is that a problem? Should I just cut the story off at page 50? Cut your chapter length by thinking in terms of scenes.

Make chapter breaks more frequent. To be even safer, consider hiring a good freelance editor click here for a list to give you help and advice before ever sending it to us. If a manuscript is pretty good, we will reject it. It has to be magnificent and nearly ready for market. Thank you for the input.

My work is Christian best cover letter writers site online, so a few of the chapters are for world-building so that is why some of the chapters may be a little longer. I have plenty of chapters that are 8 or 11 or 14 pages long, but the third one in particular is 27 pages. I suppose I will have to split that up of course, and I do think in terms of scenes as in a movie …So be it then.

One more question: if you are writing a trilogy and are only submitting the first book thus far, would the synopsis cover only the 1st book or would it encompass all 3? There is no hard and fast rule. It is usually a good idea, when submitting a trilogy, to have at least a half page worth of synopsis included in the proposal.

A publisher needs to have something they can see in order to buy. I have a project encompassing 5 books on the religious beliefs of the Founding Fathers which uses the historical record to refute the Internet claim that the FF were deists and atheists.

There are over separate cited sources in the first book, two-thirds of which are in the public domain. Must I get written permission from the other sources before I can publish the book or will footnoting the quotes used with TITLE, Http://, PUBLISHER INFO, DATE, AND PAGE NUMBER be sufficient?

Thank you and I will be sending you something soon. I do have a question, though. What kind of pages do I submit? The book or the final draft of the ms before it went to print? It just is not clear from what I have read on here. Thank you for clearing this up! God bless you in His name. Ryan Thank you for explaining what you expect of our submissions to your office.

I spent the night finishing my proposal and cover letter to your specifications and sent out my package today. While my goal was to stay with twenty pages per chapter, some are a couple of pages longer. And how many lines per page do you suggest? Also use one inch margins on all four sides. And use a Times Roman 12 point font. Whatever you do, do NOT try to squeeze more lines on a best cover letter writers site online. That will only irritate a reviewer.

In general, when using the above formatting you will end up best cover letter writers site online about words on a page…which is very similar to the word count on a finished book. A chapter that runs to 20 pages is probably going to feel long, depending on the action and dialogue included. That is over 6, words in a chapter. I personally tend to stay away from most Biblical fiction.

The only exception is Tosca Lee see her novel HAVAH: The Story of Eve. But you may find that our other two agents may be more interested. And be aware that if your novel is based on the life of Jesus you will need to compare it to the classic novels by Marjorie Holmes and the novel by Walter Wangerin…all of which are visit web page in print.

Write my cheap dissertation conclusion online order to put your best foot forward, a writer needs to know what is expected. Thank you for this practical advice! I in preparing the proposal to send off, I am grateful for your graceful bluntness of what you are looking for.

Saves us both time and energy when communicating. Thank you for outlining so clearly what exactly you expect in a cover letter!

What are you wanting from the author in this statement; what are you seeking to know? Is this statement really necessary, or could a cover letter open with the second part, the sound bite? I have the same question regarding the Introductory Statement.

Thank you for posting this information about the cover letter. It is a huge help! Steve, when submitting best cover letter writers site online proposal for a novel that is intended as the first of a trilogy, is this something that should be mentioned in the cover letter?

If you intend to propose a series, even if book one stands alone, that should be mentioned in the cover letter and the proposal. If you are doing a query letter without a proposal then most definitely reveal the plan for a trilogy. Read article if you are not certain a second book can be written then do not mention it, instead go with the stand alone.

There are times where the success of a first book creates demand for a sequel. However, best cover letter writers site online agents and publishers like to know that there is a career or a future with a particular author beyond the first book. One-book wonders do happen, and with some success. But generally we look at the total potential of an author. Steve, Is your answer intended to convey to those of us best cover letter writers site online later life that we have little chance of finding agents and publishers?

Now that I am in my early sixties and have retired I finally have the time to write but I am realistic enough to see that my literary career is unlikely to be long. How do foreign authors work with American agents? Our style and spelling do not always align well with yours — I am English but I write and speak in British English not American. We have no idea of the best cover letter writers site online of an author because we are reviewing the content of a proposal.

The age of the author is immaterial. Our primary audience is the U. If you write with British English a U. Some contracts even name the Chicago Manual of Style as the standard to which the submitted manuscript must comply.

Yes, being professional is good so one ought to be polite and open minded, but we need to write compelling stories — — those that will pull readers in and not let them out easily. Set our tone, grab a theme and move the story along like an expert, keeping us engaged, questionning and interested. Action, drama, suspense, pathos and transformative characters are excellent pieces of narrative.

If I have a self-published book but hope to see it reach a greater audience, do I make copies best cover letter writers site online the article source to submit to you? I do not have them on a Word document form any longer. You will need to have your manuscript in digital form at some point Word is preferred by most publishers.

If you self-published it had to be in digital form at best cover letter writers site online point. Even your printer should be able to provide a file. If it is a PDF it can be converted back to Word with the right software. Although this is a personal story, the case is now being used at symposiums for both Crown and Defence attorneys in Canada. I am looking for an agent in a very click at this page field.

Best not to use the comment section to make the pitch. We have, on occasion, represented a personal story if it is highly unusual and has commercial appeal. Inlook for UNTIL WE ALL COME HOME by Kim de Blecourt as an example published by FaithWords. Steve — I am seriously impressed to see that you are still tracking new comments on this post a year after it was first posted. I have query and synopsis letters and some agents want a cover letter as well.

Thank you for your help! Brenda Sue This is a fiction, suspenseful, murder, romantic novel dealing with international art theft. Thanks so much for going far beyond the call of duty and explaining exactly what is a cover letter.

Steve, I have a quick question. I am nearing completion on a Biblical fiction novel about the nativity of Jesus. Since everyone is already familiar with the story, should I take a different approach to the cover letter and best cover letter writers site online Your cover letter should for top essay rhetorical phd ghostwriter analysis websites on what makes your story unique.

A sample non-fiction cover letter is now available for review on our site:. I published a book with another publishing company that turned out to be a POD.

My best cover letter writers site online has a part two to it. I would like to send it to you. Would this be a good idea to send in part two. Hello, I am currently self published under a freewill contract in which I can cease printing at anytime. I have had issues getting proper statements and wish to be represented for traditional publishing.

Will this be an issue for you to accept a manuscript? Thank you for the helpful information. I have one question: when sending a proposal by email, do you want a query letter in the body of the email and the a cover letter, sample chapters and synopsis attached as a file, or is the cover letter in the body of the email?

Lara Van Hulzen The best cover letter writers site online of the email should contain a pitch of some sort. The content of the cover letter described above would serve that purpose well. You save our face over and over with all this help. I just want to express my pleasure to have discovered such a credible site run by a gifted teacher.

Back to the memoir. I am now confused over the length of chapters. My chapters in standard spacing are between pages in length. When I double space them as asked the first three chapters are 19 pages in length.

So when you recommend chapters be less than 20 pages are you talking about double-spaced print or standard print? Thanks for your reply. Always send a manuscript using Double-spaced text. The proposal and synopsis is single spaced. Thus your chapters are very long. But it may be that they are just fine as is.

Sometimes you can get away with longer chapters. I understand that a cover letter, proposal and sample chapters should be sent to her. In reviewing your instructions for submissions, it seems that much of the information in the cover letter gets repeated in service writers custom assignment us proposal or is it just me?!

Should I therefore just keep the cover letter very succinct? So when writing a cover letter you should specify that you are writing or have written a series of books? I am on my third book and plan on making at least two more. I was told before when writing the manuscript to only focus on that one book, and to reveal the ending of that one book. After reading through the post and the comments, I just want to make sure I understand. Do you prefer the cover letter and proposal to be emailed or mailed?

When researching agents and their submission requirements, I see. My novel is a 29, word middle grade story. When you write or best cover letter writers site online a query letter; should you follow the guidelines of literary sites or not to follow the submission guidelines?

Steve, can you best cover letter writers site online a sample word sound bite for a historical? Struggling with the 40 word concept. Do you prefer a query letter be sent via email with the book proposal and sample three chapters or a cover letter sent through the mail with an attached book proposal and sample three chapters? I am slightly confused because its appears the cover letter would only be sent if you were interested in the query letter.

Would it be possible to send the covered letter instead via email with the attachments for the book proposal and sample chapters? I just watched your interview in the Masters best cover letter writers site online in the Jerry Best cover letter writers site online Writers Guild. That was very informative. If I want to use a pen name do I include this information in the cover letter? Thank you for your time.

Our own Steve Laube has already written about the cover letter here. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Site by Author Media. S teve L aube. Helping to Change the World Interview with Steve Laube.

Selling What You Write. Share 67 Tweet By Steve Laube On January 17, January 17, at pm. Thanks for clarifying the difference between a query and a cover letter. January 19, at pm.

January 20, at am. Let me clarify so as there is no confusion. This article is about the cover letter. Keep that to one page. March 8, at am. Any bits of wisdom imparted to the masses is wonderful. February 4, at am. So, just to clarify, should the promo sentence, sales handle and back cover best cover letter writers site online be included in the same document as the synopsis? Thank you so much for making things and God bless you.

January 20, at pm. I can safely say, without seeing your work or reading a word, that your chapters are too long to begin with. March 20, at am. Any idea of the price range for a freelance editor that you have listed on you link? January 21, at see more. March 16, at am.

Thanks very much for your help. February 15, at pm. This is a great post. I appreciate your time and attention. February 19, at pm. May 17, at am. Thank you for explaining what you expect of our submissions to your office. August 19, at pm. August 20, at am. October 2, at pm. October 8, at pm. October 20, at am. Thank you for taking the time to clarify this matter. November 5, at am.

November 25, at am. November 26, at am. May 9, at am. December 5, at am. January 24, at pm. February 9, at pm. Just copying pages and mailing them is not a good idea. January 25, at pm. March 2, at pm. April 30, at pm. Thanks for the how-to on the cover letter. May 7, at pm. June 19, at pm. July 7, at am. Thank you for any advise.

January 18, at am. July 23, at pm. August 8, at pm. January 18, at pm. August 23, at am. Hello Steve, I have a question. August 23, at pm. Not an issue if you own the publication rights. It is your book to sell to another publisher.

January 13, at am. The body of the email should best cover letter writers site online a pitch of some sort.

Do you prefer single or double-spacing in a cover letter? Just like a regular letter. The only thing that is double-spaced is the sample chapters or manuscript itself. Thank you, sir, for the fast reply. April 29, at am.

I have nothing to submit in the moment except my deep gratitude for your site, so full of so much a writer needs to understand and apply. July 22, at am. July 23, at am. I do recommend leaning toward shorter…. March 7, at pm. See this post about that topic:.

Hope that helps clarify. May 18, at pm. I have written a memoir and believe that Karen Ball is most likely the agent with your group who would be interested. June 5, at am. October 27, at pm. November 8, at am. February 3, at pm. February 10, at am. June 13, at pm.

Always learn from you. August 22, at am. September 19, at am. I was hoping you might clarify me concerning to film studies argumentative essay guidelines for submission of a query letter versus a cover letter.

November 2, at pm. April 6, at am. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. You can unsubscribe at any time. Top Posts on Book Best cover letter writers site online Search our Site. Do you have a question you would best cover letter writers site online to see answered in a blog post?

Submit your question and help best cover letter writers site online create relevant content. A sk a Q uestion.

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