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SparkNotes: The Civil War – Study Questions & Essay Topics

The Civil War marked a defining moment in United States history. Long simmering sectional tensions buy critical essay on civil war a critical stage in — when eleven slaveholding states seceded and formed the Confederate States of America. Political disagreement gave way to war in Aprilas Confederates insisted on their right to leave the Union and the loyal states refused to allow them to go.

Four years of fighting claimed almost 1. The social and economic system based on chattel slavery that the seceding states had sought to protect lay in ruins. In the longer term, preservation of the Union made possible the American economic and political colossus of the next century.

Before the outbreak of war in Aprilthe American republic had survived diplomatic and military crises and internal stresses. It weathered tensions with France in the late s, a second war with Popular argumentative essay writing website for masters in —, and disputes regarding international boundaries.

Political wrangling over economic issues such as the tariff, a national bank, and government-supported public works called internal improvements in the nineteenth century proved divisive but posed no serious threat to the integrity of the Union.

Despite fissures along ethnic and class lines, the majority of Americans had much in common. They were white, Christian, spoke English, and shared a heritage forged in the crucible of the Revolutionary War.

Questions relating to the institution of slavery set the stage for secession and war. The paradox of white liberty that rested in part on a foundation of black slavery was thus imbedded in the origins buy critical essay on civil war the United States.

As sectional divisions deepened, important institutions failed to act as stabilizing forces. Several Protestant denominations, including the Baptists and Methodists, split into northern and southern branches. The national political parties, which from the s until the early s had pursued compromise to maintain northern and southern wings, fractured along regional lines. The Whig Party collapsed as a national entity after the presidential election ofand many northern voters came to view the Democratic Party as pro-southern.

The Republican Party, which rapidly gained strength in the North following its creation in the mids, adamantly opposed extending slavery into the territories and won virtually no support in the South. Historians have debated whether the North and South had become markedly different societies by Some portray the free-soil and free-labor North, with professional paper writers website canada burgeoning commercial and industrial interests, as an emerging capitalist giant at odds with an overwhelmingly agrarian South where most capital was invested in land and slaves.

Others insist that the North and South were far more alike than different. The election of triggered the secession crisis. Between December and Februarythe seven Deep South states seceded to avoid what they perceived as a click threat to their slaveholding interests.

Four other slave states, typically called the Border States, remained loyal to the Union. Both sides mobilized on a scale unprecedented in American history. Drawing on an buy critical essay on civil war of just more than 1, military-age white males, the Confederacy placed betweenandmen in uniform fragmentary records do not permit a precise count.

The United States mustered at least 2. More thanAfrican American men served in United States Army units and another 20, in the Navy.

Apart from its much larger population, the United States held decided advantages in industrial capacity, commercial interests, and financial infrastructure. Yet either side could have prevailed. The Confederacy sought independence and only had to defend writing site top research london proposal. The United States sought to compel the seceded states to abandon their hopes to found a new nation.

Union armies would have to invade the Confederacy, destroy its capacity to wage war, and crush the will of the buy critical essay on civil war people to resist. The Confederacy could win merely by prolonging the war to a point where the loyal citizenry considered the effort too costly in lives and money.

The Confederacy first tried to defend all of its borders, but for most of the war Jefferson Davis and his advisers followed what often is termed a defensive-offensive strategy. Confederate armies generally stood on the strategic buy critical essay on civil war, protecting as much of their territory as possible.

When circumstances seemed favorable, the Confederacy launched offensives—the most important of which culminated in the Battles of Antietam and Perryville in and Gettysburg in Military fortunes ebbed and flowed for more than three years before United States forces gained a decisive advantage. The loyal states wavered more than once in their determination, most notably after Robert E. Lee frustrated Union offensives in the spring of and the spring and early summer of A string of Union successes won by Ulysses S.

By the autumn ofwith Grant as the Union general in chief, United States armies applied pressure in Virginia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas that eventually forced a Confederate surrender in the spring of The war touched the lives of almost every American.

Women assumed larger responsibilities in the workplace. In the United States, they labored as nurses previously a male occupationgovernment clerks, factory workers, members of the United States Sanitary Commission and other charitable organizations that assisted more info, and otherwise helped the war effort.

Southern white women also worked as clerks and nurses and in factories, and thousands took responsibility for running farms, as did their northern counterparts. Although the war opened opportunities outside the household for women, its end brought a general return of old patterns of employment. Buy critical essay on civil war people in the South shouldered a major part of the labor burden—as they always had—and allowed the Confederacy to put a high percentage of its military-age white men into uniform.

No group was more directly affected by the outcome of the war than the four million black people who were enslaved in They emerged from the struggle with their freedom made final by the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution in Decemberthough the extent to which they would be accorded equal rights remained unresolved.

Both sides made use of recent technological advances. Railroads moved hundreds of thousands of soldiers and vast quantities of supplies, and telegraphic communication permitted both governments to coordinate military movements buy critical essay on civil war widely separated areas. The conflict featured numerous applications of recent military technology, among the most important of which were the rifle musket carried by most infantrymen on both sides and ironclad warships read article saw action on a broad scale.

The two national governments expanded their powers in an effort to mount sustained war efforts. Both sides enacted a series of buy critical essay on civil war more info, tampered with civil liberties, and resorted buy critical essay on civil war conscription.

Many of these measures, especially the drafts implemented by the Confederacy in and by the United States inprovoked heated political debate and overt antiwar activities. The war produced spending on a scale dwarfing that of any earlier period.

Abolitionists and many Radical Republicans pressed for it from the outset, but the mass of conclusion for for ghostwriting dissertation masters hire custom northerners the free states were As buy critical essay on civil war dragged on and casualties mounted, Lincoln presented emancipation as a tool that would undermine the Confederacy.

Although many Democrats remained bitter opponents, most of the loyal white citizenry eventually accepted emancipation as a tool to help win victory and restore the Union, to punish slaveholding aristocrats who had caused the war, and to prevent slavery-related issues from posing a future threat to the nation. Hundreds of thousands of enslaved people in the South did not wait for United States politicians to work out their fate, fleeing to Union military lines and thereby applying pressure for governmental action that would transform a struggle for Union into one that also would kill slavery.

The cost of the esl report editing services for phd was appalling. More American soldiers lost their lives than in all other wars combined from the colonial period through the last phase of the Vietnam War.

The war brought wide-scale economic destruction to the Confederate states, which lost two-thirds of their assessed wealth emancipated slaves accounted for much of this. In contrast, the northern economy thrived.

Two numbers convey a sense of the relative economic cost: between andnorthern wealth increased by 50 percent; during that same decade, southern wealth decreased by 60 percent. Americans remembered the war in different ways. Most white northerners recalled a crusade that saved the Union. Black Americans placed freedom at the center of their memories of the conflict. Many ex-Confederates celebrated their failed effort to carve out a distinct destiny.

By the end of the nineteenth century, a reconciliationist movement united some white northerners and southerners in a shared public memory of the war that rarely spoke of emancipation or black participation and deliberately avoided discussion of the bitter animosities that had divided North and South.

For the first five decades of the twentieth, the Lost Cause and reconciliation memories proved most dominant in American popular culture.

The emancipation tradition gained impetus in the wake of the Civil Buy critical essay on civil war Movement of the s, while the Lost Cause, at least in the public sphere, became far less prominent.

Almost invisible was the Union cause, which largely disappeared from how Americans remembered and understood their great national trauma. Frank Moore New York: O. Putnam, Nau III Professor in the History of the American Civil War at the University of Virginia. Please click here to login and access this page. Click here to get a free subscription if you are a K content ghostwriting services gb or student, and here for more information on the Affiliate School Program, which provides even more benefits.

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K educator or student? Click here to get free access, and here for more information on the Affiliate School Program. Not a educator or student? Click here for more information on purchasing a subscription to the Gilder Lehrman site. Log in or register. History by Era An Introduction. The Americas to The American Revolution, The New Buy critical essay on civil war, The American Civil War Terms. African Americans and Emancipation.

Rise of Industrial America, Progressive Era buy critical essay on civil war New Era, Log in to favorite pages. The American Civil War. Union and Confederate leaders adopted very different strategies to achieve victory. Make Gilder Lehrman your Home for History. Buy critical essay on civil war have an account?

Become an Affiliate School to have free access to the Gilder Lehrman site and all its features. Citation Guidelines for Online Resources. Multimedia: The American Fascination with the Civil Professional rhetorical analysis ghostwriting website masters. Multimedia: The Civil War in American Memory.

Multimedia: Why the Union Won. Multimedia: Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam. Multimedia: Lincoln as Commander in Chief. Multimedia: Washington, Grant, Marshall: Three Soldiers buy critical essay on civil war American Ways of War, Part 2: Grant. Buy critical essay on civil war Source: A former Confederate officer on slavery and the Civil War, Interactive: Abraham Lincoln: A Man of His Time, A Man for All Times. Civil War and Reconstruction, Abraham LincolnRobert E.

LeeUlysses S. Battle of Fort SumpterCompromise ofDred Scott v. SandfordThe Missouri Compromise ofthe Wilmot Proviso of ConfederacyConfederate ArmyUnion Army. Login or register to post comments. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

A Summary of the Civil War

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