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In this new era of Internet marketing, content has once again become king. With Google cracking down on Internet marketers that have been abusing low-quality link building techniques, more and more people are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon. However, it can be difficult to really scale cheap content writers for hire ca this type of operation while still being able to make some money. Quality writers are not cheap, and it can be even harder go here keep good writers around for an extended period of time.

But, there is a little trick I found to get cheap writers that are very talented. Plus, they are guaranteed to stick around for a while. I was twenty-two and working on my undergraduate degree. I was in a very rigorous year of cheap content writers for hire ca degree that required around hours of my time a week.

He just wanted to write for people on his own schedule while working from home. I thought about this for a second, and then thought back to a few of the Internet marketing forums that I frequented and how people were always looking for quality content at an affordable price. He agreed, we worked out the pricing and I sent him a few article please click for source. What he sent back was cheap content writers for hire ca well written.

I had to make a few tweaks and it was ready to go. I wrote up some documentation for him with tips about writing for the web as well as some external links for him to read and had him do a few more articles. This time, what I got back was even better and ready for posting without any edits.

I then started selling his writing as a service on some of the forums I was a member of. Word quickly got around that cheap content writers for hire ca content was top-notch, and at the price point we were hitting, it was more than worth buying.

He got booked up extremely fast and we had to start turning away customers. As any cheap content writers for hire ca marketer would, I then started going about scaling this enterprise. I was able to pay for school as well as save some money. The big lesson I learned was in scaling this process and finding the right kind of people to hire. Instead of running to oDesk and hiring many of the willing job-seekers from India and the Philippines, I instead ran to the nearest universities.

Typically, I would go to the university website and find creative writing, and read article relations professors. If that is ok with you, please let me know when I can come in and do this.

Once I received emails from students, I would have them send me a couple sample articles about topics I gave them and would hire the ones that showed promise. As I cheap content writers for hire ca up, I actually promoted my first friend to an editor position and had all of the new hires send articles to him directly for revision before I sent them on to the client.

This freed up a lot of my time and allowed me to simply be more of an agent. I just had to find clients and send the information on to my editor, who would divvy the assignments out to the writers. The typical university student has no idea how to even find these types of writing jobs. You are offering generally higher wages than what would be made at an on-campus job, and it is relevant to the field of the student.

This job is the type of cheap content writers for hire ca that would be great to put on a resume. As long as you, the employer, continue to offer a good wage, there is no cheap content writers for hire ca for the writer to stop writing for you.

I have even had some writers stay on board after graduating as cheap content writers for hire ca way to supplement their full-time job. I even started looking into offering positions for internship credit. This allowed the students to receive course credit for their work, and for me to get free writers in exchange for training them and providing work experience.

This is an even leaner way to get high quality writers! I want to make it very clear that I do not condone taking advantage of these students. They should still be compensated properly. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, I would find out what theses students can make at a normal on-campus job and make sure that the rates would be higher than this.

The higher wage resulted in higher-quality writers that would stick cheap content writers for hire ca for longer. Mitchell does Internet marketing and entrepreneurship, mainly working in the lead generation space.

You can read more about him at his blog and follow him on twitter at cheap content writers for hire ca. Best way to find someone is online but someone in college, or working a part time job article source for additional income. Interesting enough I have a site ranking in a similar niche and was getting leads for writers looking to earn money.

Tried a few out and found some quality. Also, check out cragslist, offer inter position like mitchell suggested. That one tends to work locally. If you prefer to use services from odesk. Find someone that has a passion for your niche and teach them how to write. Just my two cents. Just took good writers and taught them how to write with the web in mind. Perhaps oDesk could be a decent place to find some writers.

Thanks go here sharing : Glad I could be of assistance Kevin. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the process. How do you pay these guys? Per hour or per cheap content writers for hire ca I generally paid on a per word basis.

The thing here to be careful about is people inflating word count needlessly. You could base an hourly rate on that. Same for health content and med school, etc. The Indian one I think I found on oDesk. You can have your pick of whatever department of the university fits your needs and find students interested in writing about Venen custom admission paper proofreading for hire toronto mir. Thanks for the info!

Nice of you to pop in Dan! Glad my suggestion could be of use to you. What you post about here is a great option, too! There are a few places you can go to get started.

I used Internet marketing forums, and you can try out some of the ones like Warrior Forum and Traffic Planet. You usually need to build up some kind of a reputation to get the orders rolling in, so post around some, get to know some people, and I would usually offer some free content to a few of the more well-known members of the forum as a way of proving myself and my writers, that we could deliver on time and with quality.

You can also try sites like oDesk and eLance. There are usually an abundance of job listings for writers over there. For oDesk, there really are an abundance of writers, but it can be hard to discern their level of professionalism. I would definitely choose those which have included their past work to at least tell their quality.

Jerry West once endorsed getarticlesdone. Well, if HE is the one recommending, maybe it is worth a look? I eventually settled on a lady from India who writes pretty well but this is not a guarantee that the article will be a success.

I do the research for her and pay a fix price per hour. She can usually write words article in 30 — 60 depending on how complex the topic is. I tend to edit a little the final article as some of the text is not always perfect or does not add value and I like to put my touch on it too. I am still for hunt for someone who cheap content writers for hire ca really English and has a powerful and inspiring voice. Yeah absolutely you have to put final touches on the articles yourself.

I am a firm believer that the article should match the style of the website informal, formaland your personality should be evident in the click to see more too. If you find a good writer, you have to pay well so they are motivated to do good work. Too many great writers get underpaid and they can easily change contractors. Maybe I will start hunting of students that should like a good idea.

Yes, I like to also sometimes hire a writer to be responsible for just one blog. They write all the content and it keeps the voice consistent across all the posts. Something you might think about if you need the content for your own properties. Some of best workers are students. We do a lot of content writing for folks. We have our students order then tweak it after. We find it the best way to scale huge volumes. Once content comes back, we have students tweak it and edit them and spruce them up for the web so they have added bonus value and are epic or cheap content writers for hire ca. We train them on how to create viral, epic or entertain posts.

And like you said, just pay them more than some student jobs and you can score some great talent! I think that could work really well for doing things a little differently than how I was doing. As an English major, many of my friends said just the same thing as yours—they wanted to write from home. When I got into the industry, I was very pleased to see freelance opportunities I could see more their cheap content writers for hire ca. I love the idea of reaching out to professors and asking them to recommend students.

The part I liked best about it was that I could help friends out. Even some of my friends that were stay at home moms were able to make some extra cash in order to help with bills, or just have some spending money for themselves. Hi there I am wondering if I may use this article in one of my blogs if I link back to you?

Find an amateur, but amazing blogger, and hire them to write on your topic. I have a friend that has hired from the problogger job board and had great success.

I think that will be my next experiment. Perhaps a topic for a future post! Working from home is becoming more and more about lifestyle choices as much as career goals. I even started my own business in March of and still trying to build that business.

I am in the property industry so anyone that got good understanding of this industry would be more suited. Marc I actually had to send you my info to the contact Mega Quick Sales website. Some of my friends that are stay at home moms do this while their kids are taking naps.

I just want to congratulate you for being able to pay for your school as well as save some money. Some good workers can be found there.

The freelance websites mostly destroy the marketability of well-deserved, high quality writers from the Philippines. This is an insult to us who von custom report proofreading for hire online der cheap content writers for hire ca writing for years and have created a good portfolio as a result.

Most of us struggle because of those who wanted to get hold of cheapos who are not ready to pay the right price. Even the title of this article is disheartening. Okay that is a great idea but can you give us a rough idea how cheap content writers for hire ca it costs to do it this way? I have a very limited budget. Some of the best college writers producing web content— all at an affordable price!

A blog without unique and solid content is meant to die and can only receive just few. If you are just starting out your website, you need the help of professional writers, editors and content marketers. Ten of your competitors are reading this blog. I have personally learned a ton from him. How To Hire Quality Content Writers On The Cheap. Mitchell Wright December 6, Before I get into the details, I want to share a little story. How It All Began.

The Nuts and Bolts. Finding the Right People. Hi Professor [insert name]. My name is Mitchell Wright and I am looking to hire some of cheap content writers for hire ca students as writers. The Why and How. Go Forth and Be Lean. Now, go ahead and build out your team of content writers! Updated by Adam Steele on June 8th About Mitchell Wright Mitchell does Internet marketing and entrepreneurship, mainly working in the lead generation space. Thanks for the idea Nick! Thanks for sharing :.

Glad I could be of assistance Kevin. You could also pay per article and just assume it will be around xxx number of words. Too bad our little almost partnership never worked out. Great advice Mitchell, I was wondering how you did it. This is awesome, awesome stuff. My fiance and I are really looking for some business ideas we can cheap content writers for hire ca our income with an, hopefully, turn into a full-time at-home business. Glad to hear this has sparked some ideas for you.

Thanks for the suggestions. I went through a few copywriters on Odesk. Maybe that is asking too much of Odesk. PS: Check out the blog on our site. Let me know if it sounds ok I am French. Getting good content is all about how you order it. Garbage in, then garbage out. Thanks for the tip. Glad you enjoyed it! I am always interesting to find new copywriters. Can you drop me email at partners mega quick sale dot co uk please remove space?

I am looking for someone affordable website is not making money but one never know. Thanks for the opportunity. Can you provide me with the link to your site? Maybe you can shed some light! Naomi from the Philippines. The Best Review Citation Sources.

The Best Review Citation Sources in US, Canada and the UK. GET MY VALUABLE LIST. The Simple Guide to Bringing Content In-house. The Sinful Guide to User Generated Content. Stop Spraying and Praying — Understanding Local Results.

Are Categories The Heroes They Are Made Out to Be? Andrew Shotland - localseoguide. Darren Shaw - whitespark. Got Something to Please click for source We are always looking for guest bloggers. Powered cheap content writers for hire ca The Magistrate, Inc All Rights Reserved.

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Becoming a article source is free, and you only pay for an article if you are totally satisfied with it.

We have pre-screened thousands of writers to ensure you get the highest quality results within hours. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have the lowest prices online and do not sacrifice quality for price. You can rest assured that we can handle all of your written content needs.

Get Articles about any topic custom written for you in as little as 3 hours by our writers. Get Rewritten Articles quickly, cheaply and professionally by one of our writers. Get Website Content created on demand.

We have an army of talented content writers ready to help! Do you wish to Register as a Writer or Client? I am cheap content writers for hire ca to get articles or other content written. I am a Client. I want learn more here make money writing articles and other web content.

I am a Writer. Get Paid To Write. Click to View the Video. Your browser does not support the video tag. Hire quality writers to write articles and other content for your website. Get Content Written Now!

Get a word article written for:. Have a word article rewritten for:. See how little it costs. Nulla dui justo, malesuada velle viverra. Nulla sedae scel erisque poten socuss natoque penatibus. Magda Disparturient - The Writing Store. Spendisse poten so adui husto, malesuada velle vive raid gravida ulla sed. Celerisque uteis natoque cheap content writers for hire ca. Albert Tsorkis - desktop publisher.

I love using HireWriters. I use it to get high quality articles written for my website.

Where to hire cheap article writers online.

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