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Sign up for our free newsletters and special offers! Just enter your email below. Three Muslim female police officers are being praised as heroes after attempting to save the lives of Coptic Christians that were being targeted in two attacks that took place in Egypt cover letter editor for hire nyc Sunday.

The suicide bombings were claimed by ISIS, who has been ramping up attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt in recent months. General Nagwa El-Hagger, Sergeant Asmaa Hussein and Sergeant Omneya Roshdy all stood up and gave their lives to protect the lives of those in their community, despite their differences cover letter editor for hire nyc religion. A suicide bomber detonated himself at the altar of the church, which resulted in 27 deaths and 78 injuries.

Of these deaths were Sergeants Hussein and Roshdy. Cover letter editor for hire nyc was at the main gate checking women who were entering the church. She was so close to the suicide bomber that her body was near unrecognizable.

Roshdy was securing the dissertation proposal ghostwriter site as part of her job securing churches, so she was further away from the attack. Click at this page second attack, just check this out after, was at St.

At least 17 people were killed with 48 others injured. A man attempted to get into the church from an unchecked side gate, however he was asked by security forces to get into an X-ray device. Cover letter editor for hire nyc, the man walked to the main gate and set the bomb off. El-Hagger, a brigadier general for the Egyptian police force, was conducting inspections for people entering the church.

When the bomb detonated, she rushed to the aid of her male co-workers after noticing they were having issues detaining a suspect. Each one of the women had promising and exciting futures ahead and despite this, continued to stay on duty and serve others. Hussein, for example, left behind two daughters, Sandi and Rodina, who is a newborn. Roshdy was due to get married in a month. She was excited, and minutes cover letter editor for hire nyc her death texted friends about getting together before the wedding.

In a tragic terrorist attack in in Marsa Matrouh, she lost one of her two sons who was also an officer. My aunt was a Muslim.

She was a believer…She was protecting Christians who were also praying in the Church. A three-month state of emergency for the country has been declares and more troops are helping police secure public spaces. Imagine walking home after a little fellowship and studying the Bible.

Your heart feels content. Your soul feels nourished. But one woman experienced a panic as she narrowly escaped being kidnapped.

According to Fox News, cover letter editor for hire nyc year-old woman was leaving the Bible study on the east side of Cleveland when she was attacked by a couple of men wearing ski masks, black coats and blue jeans as she tried to get into her vehicle.

She was able to pull away and run back to the house where the Bible study was. But one man grabbed the hood of her coat and pulled her back towards him. He then dragged her from the driveway and across the street. The victim kicked and screamed to alert neighbors as she scraped the pavement. This is when her Bible study friends came outside to her rescue.

The men cover letter editor for hire nyc scared off and ran through backyards to escape, leaving only footprints in the snow. Investigators hope to find evidence of who the two perpetrators were by obtaining surveillance video. You know the Golden Rule or law of reciprocity? It is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated. This is the meaning of the law of Moses and the teaching of the prophets. Worship service attendance is up in New York City, but down among young adult Jews, according to recent studies.

On the other hand, fewer Spanish-speaking teens are attending Catholic mass, but more are showing up at Evangelical churches. Actually only a very small percentage of Americans claim no affiliation with any particular faith. There is a group called Reboot that was formed specifically to help young Jews feel more connected to their Jewish identity. Bennett began reaching out to Jews in the creative fields — producers, writers, playwrights, architects, actors and so forth. As a result, Reboot was born and has grown to hundreds of members, with people such as Emmy Award-winning TV writer Damon Lindleof, Los Angeles Times journalist Joel Stein, comedian Jill Soloway, novelist Aimee Bender, science write Josh Foer and How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor, who gather each year to talk about new ways to get the younger generation engaged.

It was a Reboot meeting that inspired A. Jacobs to write his bestseller The Year of Living Biblically. Hispanics living in the United States are now article source evangelical Protestants, according to a national survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute.

In the same amount of time, the percentage of religiously unaffiliated Hispanics has also increased by seven percentage points to 12 percent. Reported in the Hispanic Values Survey, the findings show a significant shift in the religious landscape of Hispanic Americans.

The cover letter editor for hire nyc diversity in the Hispanic community will have repercussions when it comes to courting the Latino vote, writes Hafiz. Has it become weaker? Its importance is so great that some scholars say that the Black church is the Black community, with each having no identity apart from the other. Bishop Larry Trotter, of Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago, vowed there would be consequences for lawmakers who support same sex marriage. But it showcases how Christendom, although it ebbs and flows, after 2, or so years, is not going away.

The suicide bombings were claimed by ISIS, who We all hope that if we are in trouble someone will hear our cries and jump in. One woman was heard one night after her Bible group met. Author and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke at the National Press Club on April 7th and said there needs to be five amendments to Islam. On the other hand, fewer Spanish-speaking teens are attending Catholic mass, but more are showing up at Evangelical It was not a prophecy but a hope, Franklin explained, Angel of the Day.

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The latest buzz on inspiring celebrities, movies, TV, music and more. Join the cover letter editor for hire nyc Leave a Cover letter editor for hire nyc. Bible Study Group Saves Woman From Attempted Kidnapping.

The two males tried forcing her into the backseat. Former Muslim Wants to See Change. Hispanics turning evangelical, Jews secular. New York kids in a religion class Reboot member Damon Lindleof Bishop Larry Trotter.

Next Archives Most recent. Does Sunday Morning Church Really Need All This Glitter, Showmanship and Gimmickry? Want a Good Movie for Your Youth Group?

Syria in Flames: Is This How to Defend Our Faith? Are Denominations Dividing the Church? Who should be allowed to pray for Obama? Do parents have a say in what schools teach? What has Americans so scared?

Why are millions stockpiling guns? Did third-party candidates deny Romney the presidency? And where were the Christians? On our knees: the only way for Christians to approach this presidential election. Have they proved Jesus had a cover letter editor for hire nyc Dallas cops give hookers a choice: jail or Jesus.

Joe Gibbs talks cover letter editor for hire nyc, fast cars and faith. American Bible Challenge sets network record.

Religious News Service accepts funds best dissertation hypothesis proofreading website us provide more atheist articles. Is that the American Bible Society playing Facebook games? Wisecracking Foxworthy, competing charities team up at Bible Challenge premiere. Should worshipers be allowed to arm themselves? Was Jesus a Democrat?

Phoenix, Arizona, home church pastor defies bureaucrats, is jailed for hosting Bible study. Unsure where candidate stands? Mixing Bibles, bars and beer, missionaries head for the pubs. Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse? Why has President Obama awarded amnesty to young illegal aliens?

Should America be a Christian nation? Will the Game Show Network win with Bible trivia? Will black voters stay home in November? So, the GOP finally has a candidate. After years of terror, corruption, cancer-stricken Chavez cries out to Jesus on state TV. Understanding Christian Political Professional admission essay writers websites usa. Are Americans God in cyberspace?

Chuck Colson: Beyond Watergate. Is Iran about to drag us into Armageddon? Hollywood loses a quiet giant of the faith.

Challenges to faith, tradition swirl in Britain. Texas town turns other cheek, helps atheist who threatened their nativity scene. Ramadan, Iranian hijabs, Sikh daggers add drama to the London Olympics.

British soccer cover letter editor for hire nyc is a rural Texas boy who looks to Heaven after each goal he scores. Trying to be a better parent, ex-Beatle Paul McCartney swears off of smoking marijuana. Did Rastafarian spokesman Bob Marley become a Christian on his deathbed? Building a Temple to Atheism. Romney Nabs Second Primary Victory in Florida. Science Whiz Gets a New Home. Surprising Twist in Gingrich SC Victory Speech. Ottawa Girls Hockey Team Earns Spirit of Sport Story of the Year.

Search for Survivors on Italian Cruise Ship Continues. What kind of wedding do you want? Does Bible cover letter editor for hire nyc tattoos? No, scoffs shopping center church that also offers cage fighting.

World Week of Prayer for Christian Unity faces an elusive challenge. Texas, Alabama, Arizona groups ignore threats from Wisconsin atheists. Australia worries gambling hurting kids.

Atheists embracing faith for their kids. Amazing 7-year-old actress stuns NYC. Santa saves two from burning car. California carolers surprise shoppers. Graphic novelist tackles Christmas. Air Force base will keep its nativity scene. Great Christmas gifts for your … dog?

Thousands rally to save Texas nativity. Last minute gift: a Jesus toaster! Joy to the World! Take the word to the mall! American Idol star to take a two-year break from music, serve as a Mormon missionary. Survey: poor economy hurting churches. British Prime Minister admits personal doubts, calls for Christian revival, values. High schooler sues, says Constitution allows him to defend Christian morality in class. Arizona to Wisconsin atheists: Quit whining!

Muslim women to shun bananas, cucumbers? Remembering Pearl Harbor and 70 years ago. Saudis say female drivers lead to hedonism. Church of the Nativity scheduled for a facelift. Christmas stage collapses, but kids OK! Pope charged with not wearing seatbelt.

Pentagon retreats from Bible ban in U. Yes, says baffled deputy. Iran official says illegal churches harm youth. Miracle cross inspires tree-cutting crew. Billionaire had a plan to prevent the Iraq war: Fly Mandela in to get Saddam to resign.

Will Egypt become the next Pakistan? Do you remember Pearl Harbor Day ? Rick Warren: Bible has answers as Americans reel under a worsening economy. Inventive doctor helps patient undergo radiation, deliver healthy baby boy, too. Brave year-old brother yanks 6-year-old sister away, foils attempted kidnapping. Pope warns against witchcraft.

Tebow faithful tweet, Facebook their prayers. Conservative pioneer fund-raiser calls for boycott of annual Catholic offering. Pastor, sergeant cover letter editor for hire nyc church service with more than your average benediction. Where does faith cover letter editor for hire nyc in with politics? NY Post: Scabies, lice at Occupy Cheap editing letter site sf cover Street prompt mayor to hose the place down.

A powerful prayer for Penn State. Amid a cesspool of rumors, charges and scandal, is God speaking to Penn State? Washington Post: Evangelical leaders adding sex to their sermons.

NY Times: foot teen angels stand silent vigil in murder-plagued Juarez. Family Circus cartoonist Bil Keane brought cover letter editor for hire nyc faith to the daily comics for 50 years. Miss World from convent to crown. African leaders cite Christian, Muslim beliefs, tell British to quit pushing immorality. Ancient Christian ruins in danger. Egyptian Muslims, Christians reach agreement to ease church repair rules. Gallup: Fewer Democrats attending church.

British Conservatives losing Christian voters. Philippine priest lights a candle in the darkness … and adds smoked fish. Muslim: Britain needs to be more Christian. Popular squirrel checks for fan mail. Study says only 18 percent of Christian kids abandon their faith when they leave home.

What if you wanted to save the world, but could not speak or even feed yourself? Lawmaker says prayer saved her life; fights for American students to have freedom to pray. Obama says God wants jobs legislation. Rupert Murdoch adds Thomas Nelson publishers to HarperCollins empire. Feds crack down on church TV shows. Burma tries to regulate fasting and prayer. Berlin restaurant caters to cavemen. Outrage follows reports teacher, students killed Christian boy over crucifix, tattoo.

Charles Colson: China Bible exhibit a farce. End of the world? Well, that was embarrassing, admits Harold Camping. Quit your job … with a cover letter editor for hire nyc flair!

Sexual promiscuity may cause heart attacks. Now British monarchs may wed Catholics. Complaint says crosses at Catholic school cover letter editor for hire nyc, prevent Muslim prayers. End of the world rescheduled AGAIN! Polish resistance fighter who sneaked his Jewish girlfriend out of Auschwitz dead at Complex disputes may close Mughrabi Bridge walkway giving Jews access to Temple Mount.

Who is this amazingly talented little boy? King of Jordan: Israel must be assured of its security. Will Libyan democracy, religious freedom flourish now that Gaddafi is gone? Couple married 72 years dies an hour apart, holding hands. Goddess worshipers cite Barry Lynn, blast Christian prayer campaign for America. Is it time to impose a church dress code? Conflicting reports swirl as Iranian Christian pastor condemned to death awaits verdict.

Homosexual kiss at school assembly prompts student walk-out, parental fury. Researchers discover that kids often start cussing if their role models do. Orthodox sect livid over ice cream cone lickers. British media, theaters celebrate th anniversary of the King James Bible.

Lions, tigers and bears! Town shuts down while hungry animals shot, recaptured. Hispanic Catholics joining Pentecostal, Evangelical churches?

Hundreds of British babies aborted accidentally, according to medical study. Mexico City considers two-year marriage licenses.

Silent vigil fills Cairo cathedral as Egyptian officials try to blame massacre on the victims. Pakistani police tell family of cover letter editor for hire nyc, raped year-old girl to return her to captors. Teachers told to stay 3 feet from students. NY Times: Churches adding pet ministries.

Directions withdrawn that told schools to push gay issues despite parental objections. Tear gas fired as mob protests TV station cartoon image of Allah. All women political candidates must be veiled and silent, says Egyptian politician.

Columbian soccer star arrested in Saudi Arabia for failing to cover tattoo of Jesus. President says he will veto bill that bans ObamaCare abortion funding. Survivor of Tiananmen Square massacre tells of return to complacent China. State Department reports no churches or Christian cover letter editor for hire nyc survive in Afghanistan. Korea assassinate activist pastor? Egypt: Hamas will free Israeli soldier held 5 years in trade for 1, Palestinian prisoners.

Peaceful protest sparks deadly riots, opportunity to point accusing fingers. Is the UN stamping out religious freedom? Tea Partying never was any fun; if you want to make love not war, go Occupy Wall Street. What do you call a female Episcopal priest who converts to Roman Catholicism?

Nobel Peace Prize goes to Leymah Gbowee, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Tawakkul Karman. Arab nation needs Muslim law, says leader. Israeli author Yoram Kaniuk wins court battle to be ethnic Jewish, but not religious.

NY Times: Pastor says Romney not cover letter editor for hire nyc Christian. Vatican asks bishops to create ministry roles for priests who left to marry. Muslim expert: Let the pastor go free! Exiled Christian Iranians receive death threats. Steve Jobs dead at cover letter editor for hire nyc he defied the mediocrity of the corporate model. The world will end October 21, says Harold Camping … but no please click for source this time.

Will there soon be no Catholic priests left in Australia? Hollywood discovers the public loves inspirational Christian movies. Students at more than 1, schools to cover letter editor for hire nyc in October 18 day of silence.

Is Indonesia cover letter editor for hire nyc danger of becoming another Pakistan? Did Jesus also die for Martians and Klingons? Kids pray school officials will quit cowering in fear of the American Civil Liberties Union. Find Us on Facebook. Click here for our full list of newsletters.

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