Pay to get social studies critical thinking Social Studies Critical Thinking - Creative Teaching Press | CurrClick Critical Thinking in the Social Studies. ERIC Digest No. meaning of critical thinking, (2) primacy of critical thinking as a social studies goal, (3).

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What is your email? Social exchange theory the theory that read more social behavior is an exchange process, the aim of which is to maximize benefits and minimize costs. Reciprocity norm an expectation that people will help, not hurt, those who have helped them. Social responsibility norm an expectation that people will help those dependent upon them conflict a perceived incompatibility of actions goals or ideas social trap a situation in which the conflicting parties by each rationally pursuing their self-interest, become caught in mutually destructive behavior.

Looking Glass effect when we are more aware of our attitudes, they are more likely to guide our actions. Self disclosure; the more intimate details you share about yourself the closer you feel toward someone Which of the following suggestions is most pay to get social studies critical thinking to reduce the hostility felt between antagonistic groups? Article source task that requires groups to cooperate is an example of a superordinate goal.

Such superordinate goals are effective in breaking down hostility between groups. Contact between antagonistic groups without superordinate goals is less successful, and simply avoiding members of the other group is unlikely to decrease the intergroup hostility.

Punishing the groups may actually increase the antagonism between them. After her teacher flatly refused, Tanya asked the teacher to push the test back one day, to Wednesday.

Tanya is using the compliance strategy known as Tanya made a large request and, when refused, came back with a smaller, more reasonable sounding request.

This compliance strategy is known as door-in-the-face. Foot-in-the-door is when one makes a small request and, once that request is agreed to, follows up with a larger request. Had Tanya brought her teacher an apple and then made her request she would have been attempting to capitalize on norms of reciprocity, the idea that one good turn deserves another.

Although Tanya is, in fact, attempting to broker a compromise and engage in some bargaining, the strategy she used has a more here, psychological name. In the Milgram studies, the dependent measure was the The dependent measure in the Milgram experiment was the level of shock the participants thought they were administering. While Milgram manipulated a number of independent variables including pay to get social studies critical thinking location of the learner relative to the teacher, the dependent variable he measured was always how far the participants would go in shocking the learners.

The length of the line is a reference to the Asch conformity experiment. No groups were involved in the Milgram experiment. Pluralistic ignorance is often tested in bystander intervention studies. Pluralistic ignorance can be seen as a pay to get social studies critical thinking click modeling or conformity that occurs in here. However, pluralistic ignorance is a superior answer due to its clear relationship to emergency situations.

Diffusion of responsibility is the finding that the more people who witness an emergency, the less likely any one is to intervene. Advertisements are made more effective when the communicators are I. You conclude that she is brilliant. You do not consider that she might already have learned about ancient Greece in her old school. Pluralistic ignorance is the tendency to look to others for hints about how one is supposed to act in certain situations.

Janine has always hated the color orange. However, once she became a student at Princeton, she began to wear a lot of orange Princeton Tiger clothing. The discomfort caused by her long-standing dislike of the color orange and her current ownership of so much source clothing is known as Janine is experiencing cognitive dissonance.

The combination of her hatred of the color orange and her ownership of a lot of orange clothing results in a tension called cognitive dissonance. It will motivate her to reduce the tension by either changing her opinion of orange or radically altering her wardrobe. All of the other terms are made up.

When Pasquale had his first oboe solo in the orchestra concert, his performance was far worse than it was when he rehearsed at home. Social loafing is the tendency of people to exert less effort in a group than they would if they were alone. Groupthink is the idea that because group members are often loathe to express please click for source different from those of the majority, some groups fall prey to poor decisions.

Deindividuation is when people in a group lose their self-restraint due to arousal and anonymity. Diffusion of responsibility is one way to explain the inverse relationship between group size and the expression of prosocial behavior The other terms, while related to psychology, are not generally important in attribution theory.

When the football team wins, they want to identify with them and therefore say "We are awesome. The false consensus effect is another example of an attributional bias. It says that people overestimate the number of people pay to get social studies critical thinking share their beliefs. Finally, conformity is the tendency for people to go along with a group.

Which of the following is the best example of prejudice? Santiago has a negative attitude or prejudice toward cheerleaders. Tamp are engaging in discrimination by acting differently toward different groups of people.

Athena may be really fast or overconfident, but she is not evidencing a prejudice. On their second date, Megan confides in Francisco pay to get social studies critical thinking she still loves to watch Rugrats. He, in pay to get social studies critical thinking, tells her that he still cries when he watches Bambi.

These two young lovers will be pay to get social studies critical thinking closer together here this process of Self-disclosure is the process by which two people become closer by sharing intimate details about themselves.

In-group bias is the preference that people show for members of their own groups. Dual sharing is a made-up term, and popular papers writer sf communication, while healthy in a relationship, does not describe this specific exchange On the first day of class, Mr. Simpson divides his class into four competing groups. On the fifth day of school, Jody is sent to the principal for kicking members of the other groups.

Simpson can be faulted pay to get social studies critical thinking encouraging the creation of By dividing his students into groups, Mr.

Group polarization is the tendency of groups to take more extreme positions than those taken by their individual members. Since Jody acts alone and not as part of a group, his aggression cannot be seen as an example of deindividuation.

Superordinate goals are helpful in reducing conflict between groups by making their success contingent upon their cooperation. Groupthink is the idea that because group members often avoid expressing opinions different from those of the majority, some groups fall prey to poor decisions.

Contact is not usually sufficient to break down prejudice. The just-world belief tells us that people like to think that others get what content proofreading for mba deserve. Cohesive groups sometimes engage in pay to get social studies critical thinking, resulting in bad decisions. Which of the following is an example of conformity?

You sing the national anthem because everyone else is singing. The other responses are examples of either rules or direct orders. Conformity is more subtle than that. That is, with conformity, we tend to do what others are doing without actually being told to do it.

In the research on attraction, proximity, affect, similarity, and reinforcement have all been shown to contribute to attraction. Which is the MOST important? Psychologists are still uncertain. We do not know which of those important variables is the most important predictor of attraction.

The fact that we attribute our success to internal causes and failure to external causes is called self serving bias. The self serving bias occurs when we assume that our good behavior is the result of internal causes and bad behavior is the result of external causes. People in groups will modify their own behavior to that of the larger group without ever being asked to. You may fear the repercussions of failing to obey this figure. Conformity, is much more subtle, in that a person changes behavior to fit in with others often without being explicitly asked.

This may be because the person does not know how to behave properly watching when others clap at click here theater, for example or it may just be that it is easier to "go along with the crowd.

If you are on a jury, you might find that you have an opinion upon entering the jury room. However, after a while, and after several persuasive arguments, you find yourself agreeing with everyone else. In fact, everyone is very certain about the outcome. This is an example of groupthink. Groupthink occurs during times of stress when an idea is floated and people tend to come to agreement after a while.

People come to believe that the opinion they hold is one that they held the entire time. In a classic study, it was demonstrated that children who were labeled as potential high achievers outdistanced those labeled as low achievers, even though there was no difference between the groups prior to the study.

This is an example of self fulfilling prophecy. In this study, it was found that students labeled as bloomers were more likely to achieve than those labeled as slower.

However, the key to this study is that students were assigned to conditions randomly. Pay to get social studies critical thinking there were no differences before the labeling, the label seemed to influence the way people achieved or were perceived to achieve. Social loafing occurs when one is in a large group.

A person is likely to coast when there is less of a chance of being forced to take responsibility. That is, if there is an authority and the situation seems as though responsibility does not entirely rest with the individual, then people will often perform behavior they did see more think they would.

The fundamental attribution error occurs when someone attributes causes to the person. The fundamental attribution error occurs when we attribute causes pay to get social studies critical thinking internal events In speed skating, two people skate together, but they are not competing so much with each other as they are with the clock. As described earlier, people often do what they are told because an "authority" tells them to. Suppose you need help with a homework assignment.

You ask your friend, and she agrees. You end up doing very well on the assignment. Later, your friend needs a ride to the airport. Even though you see more very busy, you agree. Reciprocity occurs when someone else complies with our pay to get social studies critical thinking or does a favor for us.

We then feel we must pay back that individual by complying with her request, no matter how unreasonable it might be If we help someone simply for the sake of helping, this is called Altruism. The bystander effect, refers to the tendency of one not to help in a group, social loafing, occurs when a member of a group "coasts," deindividuation, occurs when a group commits behavior that members do not feel responsible for, and obedience, is our response to "authority figures.

According to the foot-in-the-door technique, you will comply with a larger request when you have already complied with a smaller request. In classic english literature services example, by accepting the small gift, you now feel like you should buy the perfume.

According to the bystander effect, a person will be less likely to help when in a large group. In a small group, it is harder to not help because of the responsibility one might feel. The idea that someone is willing to commit aggressive acts when he is in a group because there is no immediate consequence for his behavior is called deindividuation.

Deindividuation is the process of giving up responsibility because there is a large group. Which of the following is considered to be important as a persuasive tool? Source of the information The source of the information is often very persuasive. We often listen to authorities even if they are not accurate. Subliminal messages, and backward masking, are old techniques used for "persuasion," but the research suggests that these two techniques are not effective.

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