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How does the Electoral College really work? Ask HISTORY gets the answers. When Americans vote for a President and Vice President, they are actually voting for presidential electors, known collectively as the electoral college. It is these electors, chosen by the people, who elect the chief executive. In each presidential election year, a group of candidates for elector is nominated by political parties and other groupings continue reading each state, usually at a state party convention, or by the party state committee.

It is these elector-candidates, popular college article ideas than the presidential and vice presidential nominees, for whom the people vote in the November election, which is held on Tuesday after the first Monday in November. In most states, voters cast a single vote for the slate of electors pledged to the party presidential and vice presidential candidates of their choice.

The slate winning the most popular votes is elected; this is known as the winner-take-all, or general ticket, system. Electors assemble in their respective states on Monday after the second Wednesday in December.

They are pledged and expected, but not required, to vote for the candidates they represent. Separate ballots are cast for President and Vice President, after which the electoral college ceases to exist for another four years. The electoral vote results are counted and certified by a joint session of Congress, held on January 6 of the year succeeding the election. A majority of electoral votes currently of is required to win.

If no candidate receives a majority, then the President is elected by the House of Representatives, and the Vice President is elected by the Senate, a process known as contingent election. The Constitutional Convention of considered several methods of electing here President, including selection by Congress, by the governors of the states, by the state legislatures, by a special group of Members of Congress chosen by lot, and classic english literature editor services direct popular election.

Late in the convention, the matter was referred to the Committee of Eleven on Postponed Matters, which devised the electoral college system in its original form. This plan, which met with widespread approval by the delegates, was incorporated into the final document with only minor changes. Constitution, Article II, section 1. At least one of the candidates for whom the electors vote must be an inhabitant of another state.

A majority of electoral votes is necessary to elect, a requirement intended to insure broad acceptance of a winning candidate, while election by the House was provided as a default method in the event of electoral college deadlock.

Finally, Congress was empowered to set nationwide dates for choice and meeting of electors. All the foregoing structural elements of the electoral college system remain in effect currently. The original method of electing the President and Vice President, however, proved unworkable, and was replaced by the 12th Amendment, ratified in Under the original system, each elector cast two votes for President for different more infoand no vote for Vice President.

The votes were counted; the candidate receiving the most, provided it was a majority of the number of electors, was elected President, and the runner-up became Vice President. The 12th Amendment replaced this system with separate ballots for President and Vice President, with electors casting a single vote for each office. As the republic evolved, so did the electoral college system, and, by the late 19 century, the th following range of constitutional, federal and state legal, and political elements of the contemporary system were in place.

The Constitution gives each state personal ghostwriters sites number of electors equal to the combined total of its Senate membership two for each state and House of Representatives delegation currently ranging from one to 52, depending on population. The 23rd Amendment provides an additional three popular college article ideas to the District of Columbia. The number of electoral votes per state thus currently ranges from three for seven states and D.

The total number of electors each state gets are adjusted following each decennial census in a process called reapportionment, which reallocates the number of Members of the House of Representatives to reflect changing rates of professional college dissertation proposal growth or decline among the states.

Popular Election of Electors Today, all presidential electors are chosen by the voters, but, in the early republic, more than half the states chose electors in their legislatures, thus eliminating any direct involvement by the voting public in the election.

This practice changed rapidly after the turn popular college article ideas the nineteenth century, however, as popular college article ideas right to vote was extended to an ever-wider segment of the population. As the electorate continued to expand, so did the number of persons able to vote for presidential electors, to its present limit of popular college article ideas eligible citizens age 18 or older.

The tradition that the voters choose the presidential electors thus became an early and permanent feature of the electoral college system, and, while it should be noted that states still theoretically retain the constitutional right to choose some other popular college article ideas, this is extremely unlikely. The existence of the presidential electors and the duties of the electoral college are so little noted in contemporary society that most American voters believe that they are voting directly for a President and Vice President on election day.

Although candidates popular college article ideas elector may be well known persons, such as governors, state legislators, or other state and local officials, they generally do not receive public recognition as electors.

Popular college article ideas electors in contemporary elections are expected, and, in many cases pledged, to vote for the popular college article ideas of the party that nominated them. While there is evidence that the founders assumed the electors would be independent actors, weighing the merits of competing presidential candidates, they have been regarded as agents of the public will since the first decade popular college article ideas the Constitution.

They are expected to vote for the presidential and vice presidential candidates of the party that nominated them. In fact, the balance of opinion by constitutional scholars is that, once electors have been chosen, they remain constitutionally free agents, able to vote for any candidate who meets the requirements for President and Vice President.

Faithless electors have, popular college article ideas, been few in number in the 20 century, one each in, popular college article ideas,, andand have never influenced the outcome of a presidential election.

Nomination of elector-candidates is another of the many aspects of this system left to state and political party preferences. General election ballots, which are regulated by state election laws and authorities, offer voters joint candidacies for President and Vice President for each political party or other group.

Thus, voters cast a single vote for electors pledged to the joint ticket of the party they represent. They cannot effectively vote for a President from one party and a Vice President from another, unless their state provides for write-in votes. Elections for all federal elected officials are held on the Tuesday after the click here Monday in November in even-numbered years presidential elections are held in every year divisible by four.

Congress selected this day in ; previously, states held elections on different days between September and November, a practice that sometimes led to multiple voting across state lines, and other fraudulent practices. Popular college article ideas tradition, November was chosen because the harvest was popular college article ideas, and farmers were able to take the time needed to vote.

Travel was also easier throughout the north during November, before just click for source popular college article ideas set in. Congress sets the date on which the popular college article ideas meet, currently the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December.

The electors almost always meet in the state capital, learn more here in the capitol building or state house itself. The results are then endorsed, and copies are sent to the Vice President in his capacity as President of the Senate ; the secretary of state of their state; the Archivist of the United States; and the judge of the federal district court of the district in which the electors met.

Having performed their constitutional duty, the electors adjourn, and the electoral college ceases to exist until the next presidential election. The final step in the presidential election process aside from the presidential inaugural on January 20 is the counting and certification of the electoral votes by Congress.

The House of Representatives and Senate meet in joint session in the House chamber on January 6 of the year following the presidential election, at pm. The Vice President, who presides in his capacity as President of the Senate, opens the electoral vote certificates from each state, in alphabetical order.

He then passes the certificates to popular college article ideas tellers vote counterstwo appointed by each house, who announce the results. The votes are then counted, and the results are announced by the Vice President. Start your free trial http://cheapcarinsurancequoteswi.co/custom-article-editor-for-hire-for-university.php. Political Conventions Presidential Election Facts Election Can the president and vice president be from the same state?

Presidential Debates The Inauguration Presidential Elections The Electoral College You will soon receive an activation email. Once you click on the link, you will be added to our list. If you do not receive this email, please contact us. To ensure delivery to your inbox, add us to your address book. If you changed your mind, please contact us. If you completed your subscription and still have not received an email, please contact us. This Day In History. Ask HISTORY: What's the Electoral College?

The Electoral College Today. Religion and The Presidency. Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions. In order to forestall partisan intrigue and manipulation, the electors assemble in their respective states and cast their ballots as state units, rather than meet at a central location. Allocation of Electors and Electoral Votes.

Popular Election popular college article ideas Electors. Today, all presidential electors are chosen by the voters, but, in the early republic, more than half the states chose electors in popular college article ideas legislatures, thus eliminating any direct involvement by the voting public in the election. Nominating Elector-Candidates: Diverse State Procedures. Joint Tickets: One Vote for President and Vice Popular college article ideas. Congress Counts and Certifies the Vote.

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