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For generations, San Francisco has been home to a thriving landscape of neighborhood businesses that occupy an essential role in the stories and rituals that define the city. A History of Heritage. Projects and Policy Committee. Holiday Open House and Victorian Teas. Alice Carey Grant Fund. Learn More About the Legacy Project. About Legacy Bars and Restaurants. Photo courtesy of Pacific Cafe. Denis McCarthy, an Irish immigrant from County Cork, was among the first proprietors in San Francisco to legally pour alcohol after popular research paper writers sites sf repeal of Prohibition on December 5, As the make-up of the neighborhood evolved around it, the joint continued to have down-home appeal.

In order to catch the attention of the waiters, guests would turn on the light switch in their booths, illuminating the corresponding table number on a sign stationed near the bar.

Mirrors were installed in each booth to popular research paper writers sites sf them appear larger. Each year, the bar hosts a raucous St. Denis McCarthy center with staff, s. Photo courtesy of Cha Cha Cha. Denis McCarthy, with wife Catherine and daughter Josephine, in passport photo en route to Ireland for a recreational trip in Photo courtesy of sfphotorama. Originally located in the Fillmore in the popular research paper writers sites sf, the Gold Mirror began as a cocktail lounge immersed in the local jazz scene.

In the s it moved to its current location at popular research paper writers sites sf Avenue and Taraval Street in the Parkside neighborhood. Chef Giuseppe Di Grande bought the Gold Mirror in and transformed it into a family-style Italian restaurant with traditional recipes and ambience. The dining room at the Gold Mirror is set against the backdrop of a medieval castle, with classic Italian music filling the air and warmth from the candle lights. Original signs, doors, and mirrors still inhabit the Gold Mirror from an earlier era.

On April 19, the restaurant was struck by a runaway truck. Though a shocking event, the accident led to an unusual discovery. As the restaurant was reconstructed, workers uncovered several paintings behind the bar mirrors. Having been protected behind the mirror for decades, the paintings were in relatively cheap essay editor australia service esl condition, and one now hangs in the restaurant as a testament to its past.

Photo courtesy of sfgate. Courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library. Gold Mirror on Fillmore, undated. Located in the heart of the industrial waterfront, The Ramp has grown from a bait shop to a beloved neighborhood joint and Der esl descriptive essay writer website for phd gilt backdrop in its popular research paper writers sites sf than 60 years of operation.

Jim and Donna Elkin, the original owners, sold bait from a stand yards from the bay, serving primarily small boat fishermen. Eventually, they added hot dogs and other concessions to their shop, including a bar in the s. In addition to the growing business, the Elkins owned the adjacent boatyard, then known as Smith Rice Marine Maritime Construction.

The growing business earned its name from the quiet, yet well-traveled spot from where fishermen would launch their boats. InMichael Denman, who previously worked at The Ramp, began leasing the business and the boatyard. Today, Denman owns the establishment, along with Marvin Patel. Affectionately known as a hangover joint, the restaurant serves one of the stiffest Bloody Marys in San Francisco, a secret recipe that is a permanent fixture on the menu, whereas other items on circulate.

Each summer, crowds descend on the Central Basin to enjoy weekend salsa parties at The Ramp and views of the surrounding bay.

Beyond its devoted following closer to home, The Ramp has earned its pop culture credentials through various on-screen moments. Earlier in its history, the restaurant was featured in the popular television shows Miami Vice and Streets of San Francisco.

Photo courtesy of tripadvisor. Collage courtesy of The Ramp. Undated menu courtesy of The Ramp. Undated photo of Tiki statue courtesy of The Ramp. Article from "The Potrero View," June Courtesy of The Ramp. Article from "The Potrero View," November Article from "Image," At that time, the popular research paper writers sites sf see more Sutter and Market was a well-known post for stationing teams of horses, and the air was filled with flies.

InEnrico Besozzi joined his brother in San Francisco and began working at the restaurant. Shortly before the Earthquake and Fire, Louis took ill and returned to Italy to recuperate. The family operated temporarily on Golden Gate Avenue between Larkin and Polk streets. Louis, never able to return to San Francisco, passed away in Italy in Over the next few decades, Enrico continued to run the kitchen and cultivate a following go here regulars, passing away after a long day of work in The restaurant remained on Sutter Street untilwhen its building was slated for demolition to make way for the new Wells Fargo tower.

Skyrocketing rents prevented The Fly Trap from reopening in the Financial District, and it remained shuttered for nearly two decades. The restaurant survived the Loma Prieta Earthquake, but the kitchen closed due to gas shutoff, though the bar continued to operate by candlelight.

He remade the menu for the first time in over a century, infusing Mediterranean elements. Throughout its history, The Fly Trap has been known for culinary experimentation to complement its much-loved standards, a tradition that continues today. The Fly Trap on Sutter Street, c. Courtesy of The Fly Trap. Matchbooks courtesy of The Fly Trap. Matchbook courtesy of The Fly Trap. Pages from the first book printed on the Non-Paeril Platen Press.

Founded by Roberto and Isabel Sanchez in custom custom essay writer websites us, Casa Sanchez was the first mechanized tortilla factory in northern California.

The Sanchez family came to San Francisco via Nayarit, located in the Mexican state of Zacatecas, and has since become a fixture in the local Latino community. Originally located in the upper Fillmore District in a predominately Latino neighborhood, Casa Sanchez served tortillas by the pound and, eventually, by the hundreds. The second generation of the Sanchez family relocated the business to the Mission District, following its Latino customer base and selling its corn tortillas to neighborhood restaurants.

The tortilla wars were so contentious that delivery persons were said to carry guns. Handed down from generation to generation, Casa Sanchez eventually grew into a wholesale Mexicatessen offering a variety of tortillas, chips, salsas, guacamole, and tamales throughout the region. In fact, Casa Sanchez sold the very first fresh salsa in the country. Pupusas, a uniquely Central American dish, were later added to the menu. This line of products developed by the third and fourth generations the Casa Sanchez family is now produced at the company headquarters in Millbrae.

Current owners of the Casa Sanchez enterprise, siblings Bob and Marta Sanchez, recently inherited the business after their parents esl school thesis statement topic away.

While the Mexicatessan still manufactures its chips, salsas, tamales, and pupusas, the siblings were unable to continue operating a restaurant out of the Mission District location. They decided to lease the space to the Banuelos family, who has been in the restaurant business for over 40 years, and whose latest restaurant, La Posta, was evicted from its building due to neighborhood gentrification the building was demolished to make way for new condominiums and retail spaces.

After turning down a series of lucrative offers from high end restaurateurs and chefs, Marta Sanchez invited the Banuelos family to move into the space, join forces, and help to carry on the Casa Sanchez legacy.

Photo by Heritage http://cheapcarinsurancequoteswi.co/esl-school-essay-writers-service-canada.php. Photo courtesy of ehow.

Undated photo courtesy of Casa Sanchez. Photo courtesy of Casa Sanchez. Casa Sanchez on Fillmore Street, c. Courtesy of Casa Sanchez. Historic photos reveal that the building housed a barber popular research paper writers sites sf in the late s, followed by a cigar store and saloon.

When the bar first opened, it was located just around the corner from the Chinese New Year parade route, which once travelled down Grant Street to Broadway. InHerman and Lisa Chan purchased the bar, having previously owned a nearby bar on Broadway. They maintained the family spirit of the bar, with most of their customers living in the neighborhood and stopping by each day after work to swap stories and gossip.

Today, the bar is known for having one of the largest beer selections in Chinatown and for its Chinese whiskey. Matchbook courtesy of Red's Place. It remains a comfortable local http://cheapcarinsurancequoteswi.co/top-phd-essay-writers-services-sf.php, while keeping current with pop-up chefs and a 49er bus that runs from the Lounge to the Stick on game days.

The DR's, undated photo courtesy of Yelp. Representing four generations of family ownership, The Bus Stop has been in operation since the early s. Witnessing over a century of San Francisco history, the establishment has survived numerous transitions and solidified its presence in the Marina.

The Ferroni family purchased popular research paper writers sites sf building at Union Street, which was constructed in the late s, and in opened the Aly Inn. InAmerigo Ferroni purchased the family business from his uncle and saw it through prohibition and the Great Depression.

Amerigo changed the name to the Transport Club and the business thrived for three decades. When Amerigo fell ill inhis wife, Rina, took on management responsibilities with pride and source success. The s brought further growth for the business, as sports bars became all the Dazu thesis statement proofreading sites london wird. With a pool table, Ms.

PacMan, 20 plasma televisions each with their own satellite receivethe Bus Stop remains one of the best spots to catch a game. Photo courtesy of mistersf. Photo courtesy of eBay. Click the following article in the basement of the San Francisco Swedish Society, the bar is one of two music venues that occupy the same building, with the Swedish American Hall above.

Eventually, live music was popular research paper writers sites sf to the line-up, and the underground venue earned acclaim for supporting local talent.

Having prospered for over years, the club has maintained its intimate mood read article a speakeasy with rich, dark colors of red http://cheapcarinsurancequoteswi.co/top-assignment-writers-site-online.php black.

Victorian accents can be found throughout the space, along with original wainscoting on the walls, the 40 foot copper-faced mahogany bar and checkered dance floor, alluding to rumors that it was once a brothel and place for secret societies to meet. In addition to popular research paper writers sites sf live-music offerings, the revamped establishment will expand its kitchen and cocktail selection, reopening as a neighborhood bar that pays tribute to its long history.

Photo courtesy of dustinkeirstead. Photo courtesy of reachcarl. Photo courtesy of poortastemag. Courtesy of Lost San Francisco. InGiuntoli opened the Club on Market Street with his partner and previous boss, Monk Young. From the beginning, the Club was a runaway success, attracting a large audience on the West Coast and fast becoming a celebrity hotspot.

A speakeasy and after-hours gambling club in its early days, it was one of the wildest establishments in San Francisco. Two cabaret shows were hosted per night, composed of a fine three-course meal with a showgirl performance. By the Club had popular research paper writers sites sf to its current location at the base of Russian Hill. Architect Timothy Pflueger was commissioned in the early s to design the stage and bar at Bal Tabarin, giving rise to the iconic Art Deco interior.

Crowd at the bar at the original Bimbo's, Courtesy of Bimbo's Link. Bimbo's on Columbus Street. Postcard courtesy of eBay. Photo courtesy of parishotelboutique. Photo courtesy of Bimbo's Club. Performers relaxing backstage, Undated photo of patrons and "The Girl in the Fishbowl. Agostino Giuntoli and clarinetist Ted Lewis.

Bimbo's stage show, undated. Matchbook courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library. Menu courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library. Dice game chip, Top of the Mark. Along with his fellow Central Pacific founders Leland Stanford, Collis Porter Huntington, and Charles Crocker, the Big Four made Nob Hill into a posh destination in early San Francisco.

Much like the rest of Popular research paper writers sites sf Francisco, the splendor of Nob Hill was popular research paper writers sites sf in the earthquake and fire of Byengineer George D. Smith walked past the site and declared he would one day build a hotel there, on the corner of Mason and California Streets. Smith created a San Francisco institution when he converted the eleven-room penthouse on the 19th floor of the hotel into a cocktail lounge walled only by glass and unparalleled views of the city of San Francisco.

Course work ghostwriters services by architect Timothy Popular research paper writers sites sf, the penthouse became known as the Top of the Mark. Though Smith was unsure of patrons' patience to ride an elevator nineteen floors for a drink, the lounge was an immediate hit upon its opening on May 11, Just in time for the Golden Gate International Exhibition, the Top of the Mark became a must-see for locals and visitors alike.

Henry Ford visited the Top of the Mark during this time and declared it his favorite place to watch the sun set over San Francisco. During World War II, Top of the Mark became a popular spot for servicemen to enjoy their last night before shipping out into the Pacific Theater.

Departing soldiers would buy and leave a bottle in the care of the bartender so that the next men from their squadron could enjoy a free drink; whoever had the last sip was responsible for buying popular research paper writers sites sf next bottle. According to tradition, servicement raised one last toast to the newly minted Golden Gate Bridge, believing it to be good luck.

After the War, the Mark Hopkins played host to scores of celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, and stars. Inoriginal owner Smith sold the hotel to Louis Lurie and over the next five decades the hotel underwent several bouts of restoration and renovation.

The redesign of the Top of the Mark source about significant changes. The once-central bar had been relocated to a corner of the room to accommodate a mahogany dance floor and comfortable seating. View of the lounge, Undated photo courtesy of antibride.

Top of the Mark, c. Courtesy of Catherine Bauman. Serving as a speakeasy during the Prohibition years, the following decades saw Northstar run by native brothers Walter and Edgar Lagomarsino as a lively restaurant and local hub for union bosses, politicians, newspapermen, popular research paper writers sites sf, and cops alike.

It was later acquired by the Tomei Brothers, and The Northstar once again regained its status as a neighborhood saloon. In keeping with tradition, the watering hole became notorious for its anything-can-happen atmosphere. Photo courtesy of sanfranciscorestaurants. Photo courtesy of sfweekly. Photo courtesy of foursquare. Located in the inscrutable intersection of North Beach and Popular research paper writers sites sf, Mr.

Photo courtesy of Yelp. The Letdowns at Mr. Johnny and Marie Martin, a couple of Portuguese descent, moved from Maui to San Francisco in and married soon after their arrival. After struggling to establish themselves financially, the Martins were advised to try their hand in the bar business, as Johnny was currently employed as a cook. They were drawn to the neighborhood due to its proximity to the water. Under the terms of their agreement with the original owner, the Martins operated the bar under the same name for the first ten years.

Inthey changed the name to Mauna Loa, likely a tribute to the Hawaiian volcano, which had been particularly active the year they moved to San Francisco.

The following year, the bar relocated to here current location at Fillmore Street, and the Just click for source moved into the apartment on the second floor. They operated the bar with simple values, offering basic comforts to all of their customers, at here even loaning money to those down on their luck.

Throughout its history, the Mauna Loa has been primarily a blue-collar bar. Its proximity to the Norway House, which operated on Union Street in the s, meant that many of its clientele were Norwegian immigrants, but the bar also served local merchant marines, sailors, and other waterfront workers, as well as military personnel from the Presidio. The physical fabric of the Mauna Loa has remained largely unchanged over three generations of family ownership.

The eclectic atmosphere is enhanced by the Henri Toulouse Letrec-inspired carvings. In the s, the bar assumed a game-oriented feel, with the addition of pool tables and see more pop-a-shot set-up.

The Mauna Loa continues to be operated by the Martin family. Johnny and Marie Martin, undated. Courtesy of Curtis Martin. Photo courtesy of Curtis Martin. The Martin family, undated. Herb Caen column, The brass bar-top, imported from France, was specially shipped to the city across the Atlantic.

A true feat, Le Central celebrates its cassoulet dish, which has been cooking for over 14, days. Le Central has been open to the public since It is family best expository essay ghostwriter service for phd and operated by two brothers, Pierre and Claude Cappelle, who began as wine merchants and expanded their venture into the French restaurant we know today.

Byownership was in the hands of Johnny and Paul Tanphanich, who started as executive chefs at Le Central in the s. A famous cast of characters has been spotted at the bar, including Wilkes Bashford and Herb Caen, who played dice there on a weekly basis.

Le Central is a San Francisco icon due to its exquisite menu and prime location, creating a cozy place for travelers, politicians, locals, literati, and celebrities to meet over great food and drink. Photo courtesy of hg2sanfrancisco. Photo courtesy of itsaprislife. Photo courtesy of warrpcpn. Illustration courtesy of weblogtheworld. Leo Popular research paper writers sites sf Rocca, born to Italian see more in North Beach inbelonged to a family of saloon-keepers.

When not behind the bar, he and his sons enjoyed serenading customers with classic tunes. Leo La Rocca, courtesy of sfgate. Silver Crest Donut Shop. Proprietors George and Nina Giavris came to San Francisco from Greece in and purchased the shop in At the time, the building had already been standing for 75 years and had seen days as see more gas station, a small supermarket, a coffee click here donut shop, and finally, a donut shop, restaurant, and bar.

But since the current incarnation of the restaurant, the owners will attest to the fact they have truly, never closed in their 44 popular research paper writers sites sf in business, not even during the Loma Prieta earthquake.

Situated alongside Bayshore Boulevard and highwaySilver Crest used to sit at a main entry into San Francisco.

Bayshore was once heavily trafficked with cars full of tourists, and though the neighborhood has since changed character, the Silver Crest Donut Shop remains as a testament to its past. Photo courtesy of divefood. The original owner was a storied character, serving as a US Marine and a football player for an early team that would go on to become the San Francisco 49ers.

Three such regulars, Robert Walker, Brenda Turner, and Stefan Wever, had known Ramos for years and had made him many offers to purchase the bar, which he always turned down. The new owners rechristened the bar Horseshoe Tavern, and added pool tables and a new jukebox to update the bar, though Horseshoe remains much as it was since its inception.

Amidst a crowd of upscale bars and upscale people in the Marina District, Horseshoe Tavern persists as a classic San Francisco institution.

Photo courtesy of gogobot. Coaster courtesy of foursquare. Before it became known as Hi Dive, Boondocks—a lounge established in the s on Pier 28—was a popular San Franciscan dive bar for most of the 20th century. Popular among sailors and dock workers, the joint was an indelible part of the bustling port. InJim Kennedy purchased the bar from owner Phil Marino.

At roughly the same time, John Caine opened the nearby Cafe Mars on Brannan and Seventh streets now called Mars Barserving affordable fare similar to the menu at Boondocks.

Popular research paper writers sites sf Caine and partners Pat McCune and Brett Klinke bought Boondocks in popular research paper writers sites sf reopened it as the Hi Dive two Sie esl creative essay editor services australia Гber after.

Today, fish tacos with chipotle aioli and avocado top the menu, followed by the Niman Ranch beef burger and chicken Caesar salad. To those who ask, owner Here will regale visitors with the story of how he brought the Cosmopolitan from Cincinnati to San Francisco in the s, please click for source the most popular drink at the Hi Dive is a margarita made with fresh-squeezed lime juice.

Undated photo of Boondocks, Heritage archive. In the early 20th century, the Sabella family emigrated to San Francisco from a fishing town popular research paper writers sites sf Sicilly called Siacca and upon arrival immediately put their expertise to good use. Crab fishing outside the bay proved to be lucrative, and by they began to sell their fresh crabs and other seafoods to customers who would drive their cars right up curb.

They operated under the name "A. The new owners rechristened popular research paper writers sites sf spot as Sabella and La Torre and slowly expanded the business into a full-service restaurant. The restaurant remains in the family to this day; Frank Sabella turns this year, and the family has been always dedicated to quality seafood with generous service.

They still serve many fisherman and longshoremen along with locals and families. Photo courtesy of Sabella and La Torre. Menu courtesy of eBay. Matchbook courtesy of eBay. Photo courtesy of themenupage. Today there are three other locations: Sansome Street, Natoma Street and Sacramento Street.

The menu is extensive with over 50 times to choose from. Henry, here 96 years old, has lived a full life. His job brought him to the United Sates in with wife Popular research paper writers sites sf. Political differences between the US and China prematurely ended his career and eventually led Henry and Diana to pursue entrepreneurship.

The restaurant has enjoyed much acclaim, including praise from The New Yorker, which proclaimed, "Hunan Restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in the world. Photo courtesy of mostlyfotos. Menu courtesy of runningfork. Cookbook courtesy of eBay. Popular research paper writers sites sf Tamale Parlor first opened its doors inunder the care of a local Dutch businessman who also owned a dry-cleaner and a theater in the neighborhood. As the story goes, he was cheap website writing academic essay named Roosevelt himself or greatly admired the 16th President.

Either way, Roosevelt Tamale Parlor quickly became an institution on 24th Street in the Mission District. The restaurant was purchased in the s by the Carrasco family, who promptly removed spaghetti and French bread from the menu and began serving traditional Jalisco-style fare and became famous for its namesake tamales.

Operating under its trademark neon sign, the Tamale Parlor remained in the Carrasco family untilwhen it was purchased by local restaurateurs Aaron Presbrey and Barry Moore. And, regardless of its origin story, a smiling read article likeness of TR himself still adorns the storefront to welcome hungry customers.

View of Roosevelt's on right. The Elbo Room is located on Valencia Street between 17th Street and 18th Street in the Mission District. Amelia's, which opened its doors at Top speech proofreading online site inquickly became an anchor in the Mission's lesbian community.

The bar sponsored the first all-women's team in the Gay Softball League. By the early s, the Mission's lesbian community had diversified and dispersed to such a degree that Amelia's no longer experienced the crowds of its earlier days. Inthe Elbo Room opened in the space.

The bar is two-stories with the main bar on the first level and a second bar upstairs near the stage and dance floor. Since opening, the Elbo Room has offered a wide range of music nearly every night, and its dance floor is considered a right-of-passage for many locals. It continues to host live bands and DJs playing jazz, funk, soul, Afro-Cuban, hip-hop, rock, indie rock, or alternative music.

Amelia's softball team, undated. Photo courtesy of uptownalmanac. Poster courtesy of Pinterest. The Niccos remodeled the bar inadding an elegant canopy, checkerboard wooden wall tiles, and an interior mural painted by San Francisco artist Nadine Torrance. Undated photo of Tony Nicco. Courtesy of Tony Nik's.

Undated photo of Charles 'Butch' Lavagnino. Interior photo courtesy of Tony Nik's. The Ha-Ra Club, located at Geary and Larkin streets, is a Tenderloin neighborhood anchor. Established on February 1,the Ha-Ra professional blog websites ca a no-fuss dive bar.

As Carl puts it, the Ha-Ra attracts a blend of regulars, rookies and wiseguys. As one would expect from this beloved dive, the Ha-Ra houses the essentials: liquor, a television, a jukebox, a pool table, and nothing more. Undated photo courtesy of sf. Photo courtesy of inflectionbylight. Due to its prime North Beach location across from City Lights Bookstore, the bar hosted and inspired numerous beatnik writers, including Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, and Neal Cassady.

Housed in a Aus best creative writing writers websites ca fГr Revival building, Vesuvio resides on the site of the former A.

Though the neighborhood has evolved, Vesuvio remains as a tribute to the jazz, poetry, art, and culture of the Beat Generation in San Francisco. Undated photo from the Heritage archive. Undated photo of Henri Lenoir, courtesy of cafeandre. Undated photo courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library. Photo courtesy of whoownsthepast. Undated card courtesy of ebay. Though the Tiki movement reached its heyday around the country in the 60s, this interest in Polynesian culture first emerged in the s in San Francisco as popular research paper writers sites sf article source to concoct imaginative and exotic cocktails.

This Outer Richmond watering hole stands out as one of the few remaining bamboo bars. Adding to the bar's kitchy charm are the different seating areas named after tropical islands, all of which are covered in rattan. Photo courtesy of the Western Neighborhoods Project. Matchbook courtesy of Trad'r Sam. Courtesy of Trad'r Sam. Menu courtesy of Trad'r Sam. Napkin courtesy of Trad'r Sam.

Undated photo courtesy of Trad'r Sam. Located in an Victorian building in the Castro, The Sausage Factory Restaurant opened in At the time that the building was constructed, the Castro was home to a bustling immigrant community, esl thesis writers website canada largely of Irish, German, and Swedish families.

An actual sausage factory occupied the site until the s, inspiring the name of the restaurant that stands today. Remnants of the factory can still be seen in the back bar and banquet room, including the original meat racks and the massive black iron doors that enclosed the sausage smoke rooms. The Azzolino Family has owned and operated the Italian restaurant since Undated menu courtesy of dineries.

Courtesy of the Sausage Factory. The Sausage Factory, Photo courtesy of the Max Kirkeberg Collection, San Francisco State University. Sears was founded in by Hilbur and Ben Sears. Quita Benner bought the restaurant from the Sears family in the early s, but she maintained both this web page name and the menu.

Brenner to move the restaurant from the block of Powell to its current location at Powell Street. Sears continues to http://cheapcarinsurancequoteswi.co/critical-essay-ghostwriters-sites-uk.php its patented Swedish pancakes click the following article. Courtesy of Sears Fine Food.

Undated photo courtesy of Sears Fine Food. Perry Butler first opened his namesake restaurant on Union Street in Inspired by the energy of the neighborhood saloons in his former home of New York City's Upper East Side, the thenyear-old advertising executive established a menu of classic American meals, including his now-famous Cobb Salad, steaks, and hamburgers.

The restaurant's trademark blue popular research paper writers sites sf white checkered tablecloths, along with its hexagonal tiled floor and wood-paneled memorabilia clad walls, have created a cozy, yet sophisticated dining experience for San Visit web page for decades. InPerry's opened a second location on the Embarcadero, following the same model of all-American dishes and decor.

The business remains in the Butler family, with Perry's son and daughter - Aldy and Margie - at the helm at the Embarcadero restaurant. Photo courtesy of Perry's. The Old Ship Saloon was established in after the Arkansas, a three master ship, ran aground in the San Francisco bay.

It was damaged in a storm when it hit Alcatraz Island and was later towed to the beach at the current location of Cove and Battery Streets.

The Arkansas was one of many Gold Rush-era ships that were converted to other uses, ranging from saloons to jails. After expansion of the city landlocked the boat, builders dismantled the upper portion of the boat and built a brick hotel around the remnants. The ground floor bar on the ground remained and named the Old Ship Saloon, catering to the needs of sailors and longshoremen at the turn of the century. Among the bar's most notorious legends is that it once hosted a "shanghai" den, where unwitting sailors drank drug-spiked liquor by night, only to wake up at sea the next more info with no choice but to join the ship's crew.

During World War II, rumor had it that a brothel was added click to see more the top floor, popular among departing GIs. While some of the more colorful aspects of its character have changed, the renovated saloon has preserved the click here of the Arkansas and the spirit of San Francisco's Barbary Coast.

Photo courtesy of seattlebars. Ephemera courtesy of the San Popular introduction ghostwriter for for college History Center, San Francisco Public Library. Brochure courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library. InMay Murata was hired to help manage a Japanese American coffee shop located in the Japan Center West Mall.

One of the most popular items on the menu is tai yaki, a fish shaped waffle-based Japanese pastry made on site it often comes with chocolate, red bean, or banana filling. Photo courtesy of read more. Photo courtesy of sanfranciscodays. Photo courtesy of May's Coffee Shop. Mario, his wife Liliana, and their two children emigrated from Trieste, Italy after Mario retired from the police force.

The foccacia bread in the restaurant's famous sandwiches is baked across the square at Liguria Bakery, which dates to Photo courtesy of northbeachshop. Located at the corner of Lyon and Lombard, this old English style restaurant and Lungenemphjsan popular term paper ghostwriting website usa der house serves up some of the best California comfort food in the city.

The founder, Ralph Maher, traveled often to Liverpool and, as one story goes, fell in popular research paper writers sites sf with a barmaid, Lil, in one of the city's most popular pubs. Ralph hoped to bring Lil back to the United States to start a new life, but Lil declined his offer, unwilling to leave her family and friends along with the traditional pub life she had known in England.

Before Maher bought the bar, the building housed the Lyon's Den, a popular haunt for bikers and Vietnam War veterans, many of whom snuck out of the nearby Letterman Army Hospital in the Presidio. Today, it continues to serve classic drinks and pub fare to locals, who are drawn to the welcoming ambiance, where little has changed in the last forty years. Photo courtesy of inetours.

Popular research paper writers sites sf Casey O'Neill, Matchbook courtesy of kookykitsch. Postcard courtesy of anne-arnott. Known for its hearty foccacia bread, Liguria Bakery has been in the Soracco family for over years. Ambrogio Soracco immigrated to San Francisco from Genoa just after the Earthquake and worked in an Italian bakery upon his arrival.

Inhe opened Liguria Bakery at Stockton Street, where it continues to operate today. After a year, Ambrogio sent for his two brothers, Giuseppe and Giovanni, who joined him at the corner bakery. Ambrogio passed away inleaving his wife Mary to tend to the shop during the latter years of the Great Depression. Mary hired new bakers to assist with operations, including the horse-and-wagon delivery service.

Son George joined the business after graduating from high school and later brought his owns sons into the operation. Facing competition from other neighborhood bakeries, the family began to bake foccacia exclusively in the s, offering a cornucopia of toppings on this delicious flatbread. The Soraccos have used the same family recipe sincea recipe that has been handed down over generations orally, never transcribed. They continue use the original brick oven and rely on word-of-mouth to read article customers to their doors.

Photo by Donna Harshman. Photo courtesy of umamimart. Photo of Mary Sorracco courtesy of sfgate. Dating toJohn's Grill popular research paper writers sites sf an indelible part of San Francisco's living history.

Featuring original period furnishings, the dark paneled walls of this downtown establishment are replete with old San Francisco memorabilia and portraits, reminding patrons of the city's rich past and the restaurant's layered history.

John's Grill solidified its place in popular and literary culture when it appeared in Dashiell Hammett's noir masterpiece, "The Maltese Falcon. While John's Grill is a popular tourist destination today, it was a haunt for politicians, newspaper barons, financiers, and private investigators for generations and continues to serve its time-honed fare to its dedicated "regulars.

Maltese Falcoln, courtesy of sfgate. Matchbook courtesy of ebay. Photos courtesy of sfgate. Courtesy of Allen Browne. It's Tops Coffee Http://cheapcarinsurancequoteswi.co/finance-ghostwriters-service.php debuted in as a small, one-room diner dedicated popular research paper writers sites sf serving locals and travelers.

Known for its hearty breakfasts and hamburgers cooked over a Wolf Griddle and Stove, the eatery went by the names "The Top Cafe" or "The Minute Man's. With the arrival of its iconic neon sign, It's Tops Coffee Shop emerged as a full-service restaurant. Dick Chapman purchased the business inand his family continues to own and operate it today. A Korean War veteran, Chapman had served as a cook on a military ship. He installed orange vinyl booths and stools, along with tabletop jukeboxes, to enhance the original knotted pine walls.

Photo courtesy of igougo. Photo courtesy of thehamblogger. Owner Henry Harrington, an immigrant barkeeper from County Cork, Ireland, catered to a wide variety of customers, including sea captains, steam ship executives, seafarers, laborers, produce workers, longshoremen, and printers.

The clientele changed when the Embarcadero Center was constructed in the s, but the family continued to serve up its renowned Irish fare. Today, the pub remains in the Harrington family under the guidance of Henry's grandson, Michael. Photo courtesy of sfrestaurants. Photo courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library. Situated between Polk and Van Ness, Grubstake is a unique eatery that boasts of being the only restaurant in San Francisco that is operated out of a railway car.

The car originally operated on the Berkeley-Oakland-San Francisco key rail line. Init was brought to rest in San Francisco after being sold at auction. The Orient Express, a traditional diner, made its home in the red and white car for several decades. Inthe owners of Grubstake restaurant, originally located at Mason Street, moved into the charming railcar, which was later repainted. Init became the only restaurant in San Francisco to serve continental Portuguese food, adding a twist to the diner fare top descriptive essay ghostwriter service toronto the menu.

Photo courtesy of Grubstake. Great American Music Hall. The building was the creation of a French architect and a politician named Chris Buckley, who wanted to construct an eye-catching structure after the earthquake. After a brief period as a gathering place for Moose Lodge, the building was condemned by building inspectors. A last minute save by a shorted-lived French restaurant named "Charles," however, spared the building. Inthe Great American Music Hall moved into the venue and since then has hosted artists ranging from Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan and Count Basie to Van Morrison, the Grateful Dead, Arcade Fire, and Patti Smith.

Photo courtesy of avid. Great American Music Hall, Popular research paper writers sites sf courtesy of Wikimedia. Originally serving as the esl papers writing websites au carriage entrance for the Palace Hotel, the palm-filled Garden Court debuted in with the reopening of the hotel after the Earthquake.

Known for its magnificent stained-glass atrium, elegant Austrian crystal chandeliers, and lush tropical flowers, the Garden Court has been one of San Francisco's most prestigious dining halls since its inception.

The popular research paper writers sites sf has hosted countless dignitaries and celebrities throughout its history; Woodrow Wilson, for example, gave a speech in the space in in support of the League of Nations and the Treaty of Der pay to get remedial math dissertation abstract Varizen. The Garden Court and Palace Hotel popular research paper writers sites sf designated San Francisco Landmarks in Today, the Garden Court remains one of the few San Francisco restaurants to offer a full-service afternoon tea.

Postcard courtesy of ebay. Constructed inthe bathhouse was owned and operated by the Finnila family. A pharmacy was also opened in the section of the building that faced the corner of Market and Noe Streets. The designer of writing resume site best us building, Alfred Finnila, later contributed to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, where he oversaw the iron and roadway installation.

Finnila also built the famous Bridge Roundhouse restaurant. The Finnila family continued to run the bathhouse section of the building untilwhen that section of the building was demolished. Given its proximity to the Castro, the establishment plays a prominent role in the local gay community. With its large glass windows facing Market Street, the business proudly declares its place click at this page a well-known cruising and people-watching spot.

In early s, New Colonist stated popular research paper writers sites sf Cafe Flore "is a de facto nexus of gay life in this town. Photo by Mahmood Ghazi popular research paper writers sites sf Castro Biscuit. Max Kirkeberg Collection, San Francisco State University. Billing itself as one of the oldest gay bars in San Francisco, the Gangway opened its doors under a different, unknown name in the Tenderloin in Today's nautical-themed bar has had numerous monikers throughout its history, but the name "Gangway" originated in the s.

During this era, the watering hole became link gathering place for the local gay community, acting as a popular research paper writers sites sf for those who had been marginalized and turned away from other businesses. According to some accounts, the Gangway belonged to the Tavern Guild, an association of gay bar owners and liquor wholesalers that was established in in response to police raids and harassment of gay bars.

In the s and 80s, the bar hosted numerous community events, including AIDS benefits, holiday parties, and auctions for the Gangway Guzzlers softball team established During the s, the Gangway produced an annual "Trim a Tree for Ward B" party in honor of San Francisco General's Ward B, the world's first hospital dedicated to AIDS treatment.

The bar's interior pays tribute to the figures and social movements that have defined much of the Tenderloin's history, including civil rights rallies, early drag queens, and transgendered activism.

Outside, the bar distinguishes itself with the massive recreation of a white popular research paper writers sites sf bow labeled "Titanic" that juts out over popular research paper writers sites sf entrance. Photo courtesy of sfbarexperiment. With a fleet of fishing boats, these immigrants plied the bay waters.

Among these fishermen was Mike Geraldi, a Sicilian immigrant who sought to offer the people of San Francisco something distinct from the numerous seafood street vendors that were the mainstay of the wharf's culinary establishments.

Originally built in a fashion reminiscent of a Venetian manor, its primary clientele were the fishermen themselves, many of whom enjoyed the restaurant's hearty meals at the end of the work day.

Original owner Mike Geraldi, c. Courtesy of Fishermen's Grotto. Women's Army Corps WACS at Fishermen's Grotto, Postcard courtesy of Catherine Bauman.

Recipe courtesy of Catherine Bauman. Menu courtesy of Catherine Bauman. Established in the Italian neighborhood of North Beach by the Del Monte and Marianetti families, Fior d'Italia opened its doors in Reputed to be the oldest Italian American restaurant in the U.

The original building burned down inbut the business quickly reopened nearby. InFior lost its building yet again, but opened a service tent the day after the earthquake to serve soup to displaced San Franciscans. InFior D'Italia reopened a restaurant on Broadway and Kearny and expanded to seat up to people, accommodating nearly 1, meals per day.

After several more moves, the much-loved Italian restaurant landed in its current location on Mason Street. Though the business popular research paper writers sites sf migrated throughout the city, it has remained true to its authentic, Northern Italian roots and has played a central role in San Francisco's cuisine and social vibrancy for generations.

For an expanded history and some of the restaurant's orignal Italian recipes, look for their personal history and cookbook online, "The Fabulous Fior - Over Years in an Italian Kitchen.

Undated photograph courtesy of restaurant. Restaurant at Broadway Street, undated. Photo courtesy of Fior d'Italia. Banquet in celebration of Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Del Monte and Marianetti families, undated. Del Monte family, undated. Undated advertisement courtesy of cable-car-guy. George Marianetti and customers, Undated menu courtesy of ebay. The restaurant is located right in the heart of Chinatown, just two blocks away from the Gateway of Chinatown and directly across the street from Old St.

Traditional dim sum is served at lunchtime, and in the evenings dinner is served in the stunningly ornate dining room. Two full-service bars are located popular research paper writers sites sf a private, separated part of the restaurant. Oriental chandeliers hang gracefully from the elevated ceilings, and interior murals bring color and liveliness to the walls.

This bar and restaurant has been a favorite hangout joint for Bay Area baseball fans since its opening in Double Play is among the last remaining tributes to the old San Francisco Seals Stadium.

The stadium was demolished after the season, shortly after the New York Giants moved to San Francisco and the Seals departed for Arizona. The old stadium site is located right popular research paper writers sites sf the street. Until latethe restaurant included a backroom featuring a much-loved mural that evoked the atmosphere of the old Seals stadium. Painted in the s, it popular research paper writers sites sf the Seals playing the Oakland Oaks in the old Pacific Coast baseball league.

Today, Double Play continues to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Owner Rafael Hernandez, Photo courtesy of deadballbaseball.

The initial owners of the land currently occupied by Dogpatch Saloon were Richard and Mary Brady, who were the proprietors of a Classical Revival style saloon from until the onset of Prohibition. In the wake of the 18th Amendment, they converted the space into a "soft drink store," though the business quickly reverted back to a saloon after the popular research paper writers sites sf of Prohibition. Inthe Bradys sold the building to Achille and Popular research paper writers sites sf Davis, who remodeled the building in the Mediterranean Revival style.

Mike Apicelli, who owned the bar from the late 90s through earlygave the business its current name, claiming to be the first person in the neighborhood to include the word "Dogpatch" in the name of a business. Apicelli also began the tradition of hosting Sunday jazz sessions at the bar. Today, it remains the oldest saloon in the Dogpatch area, making popular research paper writers sites sf a much-loved neighborhood watering hole and jazz venue.

The business changed hands inand, while the new owners revamped the menu and much of the bar, they did preserve key features in order to maintain the historical character, including the original barfront and the playful, dog-faced stained glass windows. The updated interior design and furnishings pay tribute to the neighborhood's industrial history.

Photo courtesy of Thrillist SF. The Diandas purchased a bakery at Mission Street, which had been in operation sinceand gave it their family's surname. It has since become a San Francisco tradition, popular for wedding and birthday cakes, as well as Italian cookies, pastries, candies, and panettone. Enrichetta and Elio Dianda handed down the business to their sons, Armando, Floreano, and Pascuale, who managed the bakery until when principal owner, Pascuale Dianda sold it to fellow-bakers and long-time employees Floyd Goldberg, Sergio Flores, and Luis Pena.

Dianda's storefront, courtesy of bctgm. Union Member and co-owner Sergio Flores has been a baker at Popular research paper writers sites sf for more than 30 years. Photo courtesy of Dianda's Bakery. Local waiter Alfredo Bacchini opened a restaurant at Broadway Street innaming it simply "Alfred's. The Petri family has owned and operated the restaurant ever since, bringing the menu into the new millennium while maintaining the high quality standards set by Alfred upon the restaurant's conception.

Inthe restaurant moved to Merchant Street, the site of the former Blue Fox. Today, Alfred's Steak House serves only mouthwatering corn-fed beef cooked over Mexican mesquite charcoal to its patrons, delighting stomachs with every bite.

Interior photo courtesy of Yelp. Touting the title of "The Premier Tequila Bar on Earth," Tommy's Check this out Restaurant vies to bring authentic Mexican cuisine and spirits to the people of San Francisco.

Tommy originally migrated from the town of Oxkutzcab as part of a guest worker program, but after the popular research paper writers sites sf opened, his much of his extended family joined him. Whether you're a first time patron or a member of Popular research paper writers sites sf Blue Agave Club, Tommy's Mexican Restaurant is a slice of Mexico in the heart of San Francisco.

Julio Bermejo poses behind the bar. Undated menu courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library. Punchcard for Tommy's Blue Agave Club. Opened inTommy's Joynt is the original hofbrau a cafeteria-style restaurant of San Francisco. Tommy's Joynt has been owned and operated by the Harris, Veprin, and Pollack trio since Tommy Harris, one of the original owners, was also a popular crooner on the popular research paper writers sites sf radio station KFRC during its golden era in the s.

The Cantolupo family opened Tommaso's under the name Lupo's in on Broadway Street, just in the heart of North Beach. Known for their cent wood-fired Neopolitan pizza, the location was a favorite among departing and returning WWII GIs. Inthe restaurant was turned over to Chef Tommy Chin, who changed the name to Tommaso's before re-selling the restaurant to the newly-immigrated Crotti family in The click the following article resembles a traditional southern Italian restaurant, with murals of Naples and Mount Vesuvius adorning the otherwise crisp white walls.

At the heart of the restaurant is the long, family-style table that extends from the kitchen to the door. Today, their pizza still makes headlines, with best essay editor website ca Today" naming it one of the 10 best pizzas in the United States. Photo courtesy of seriouseats. Undated menu, Lupo's Pizzeria.

The Saloon opened inmaking it the click to see more living bar in San Francisco. The building survived the earthquake, and legend has it that the bar persisted through the subsequent fires because the fire brigade made sure to protect the prostitutes who worked upstairs. Beyond the lore, customers have come to the Saloon for decades to hear the blues bands that take the popular research paper writers sites sf seven days a week.

Current owner Myron Mu has been at the helm sincehaving taken over business from his father, who purchased the building in the s. Wagner's Beer Hall, s. Courtesy of Myron Mu. Photo courtesy of roadtripsareus. Photo courtesy of Popular research paper writers sites sf Saloon. Today, the design http://cheapcarinsurancequoteswi.co/critical-analysis-essay-proofreading-websites-toronto.php The Homestead is identical to its early 20th century appearance.

After popular research paper writers sites sf years of continual service, the Homestead underwent a meticulous finden best mba college essay topic einiger to celebrate its Victorian heritage. One of San Francisco's oldest and hippest gay clubs, the bar entered the dance scene in with owner Al Hankin. Known for its late-night parties, translucent dancefloor, and the Sunday Afternoon Wet Jockstrap Dance Contest, The EndUp was a comfortable place for gay San Franciscans to mingle, drink, and dance the night away.

During the seventies, the bar hosted disco parties seven nights a week and served as a "coming out" place for a many young men. Notable DJs included Rob Kimbel, Lester Temple, Randy Tyler, and Tommy Rogers, all of whom tragically succumbed to AIDS. Eventually Al's brother Carl took over and managed the club untilwhen The EndUp was sold to a group of six people who continue to bring in a diverse group of DJs to the grace the speakers with their music.

Today, people from all walks of life come to party at Click EndUp, forming a fully integrated nightclub community.

While certain elements have changed, including the dance floor, the original wooden bar remains. On Sunday mornings, The EndUp continues to host its infamous flagship T-Dance party originally called The Church indelivering timeless house music. Every night is a different theme, sound, and party, making The Endup a legendary part of San Francisco history and music culture in SoMa. Card courtesy of discomusic. Flyer courtesy of discomusic. Featured in Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City.

Matriarch Diana An first opened Thanh Long in as visit web page seat diner. When Helene, her husband Danny, and their three young daughters landed in San Francisco, they brought with them dozens of family recipes that would later be the hallmark of the establishment, including the now-popular Roasted Garlic Crab.

Having been raised in a family of diplomats, Helene attended many formal dinners as a child, with menus prepared by Vietnamese, Chinese, best argumentative essay writing for hire ca French chefs.

Photo courtesy of Thanh Long Restaurant. The infamous namesake dragon. If you look closely behind the big-screen TVs, you popular research paper writers sites sf still see the original wood bar dating to the s.

Opening every day at 6 a. Free pool tables add to its charm. Shortly after opening, the restaurant relocated to the corner of Sixteenth and Mission Streets, but unfortunately was destroyed by the Earthquake and Fire. Henry Schroeder wanted to help rebuild the Financial District, so he reopened the restaurant on Front Street in InJana and Stefan Filipclk, immigrants from the former German state of Reichenberg in the Czech Republic, purchased the restaurant and actively preserved its Bavarian heritage.

Schroeder's changed hands once more in late and reopened in May with an updated look and revamped menu featuring classic German-inspired fare.

The new owners retained the spirit of the warm beer hall, and longtime patrons will still recognize the iconic rosewood visit web page and vintage Herman Popular research paper writers sites sf murals. Brochure courtesy of Schroeder's Restaurant. Postcard courtesy of Schroeder's Restaurant.

Matchbook courtesy of Ebay. Coaster courtesy of the San Francisco Public Library. The story of Sam's Grill begins in when Irish merchant Michael Molan Moraghan began selling fresh Bay Oysters out of a vendor stall in the California Market, which was located in the neighborhood that later became the Financial District. He quickly became the area's leading seafood and shell fish merchant, giving him the title "The Oyster King. Bythe California Market had been rebuilt between California and Pine Streets, and Moraghan's business was renamed Burlingame Oyster Company.

Bought in by businessman Samuel Zenovitch, Burlingame Oyster Company became Bay Point Oyster Co. Inunder the ownership of Frank Seput, the seafood establishment became Sam's Grill and Seafood Restaurant, and the name has endured ever since.

Photo courtesy of the Nob Hill Gazette. Dating back toSam Wo is one of the oldest restaurants in Chinatown, with roots linked to the recovery of the community after the earthquake and fire. Popular research paper writers sites sf its early years, it operated exclusively as a take-out restaurant, popular research paper writers sites sf dine-in service was added as the community prospered and customers had more time and money to spend dining.

In the s, it was a popular hangout for members of the Beat Generation, who frequented the restaurant to order from its "secret menu. Though Fung passed away inmany patrons continue to tell stories about his unusual behavior, and other restaurant staff carried on his legacy of http://cheapcarinsurancequoteswi.co/professional-admission-essay-writer-websites-uk.php entertainment. Sam Wo closed its doors in early as a result of health and fire code violations, but the "Save Sam Wo Coalition," comprised of Board of Supervisors President David Chu, Chinatown neighborhood leaders, and the owners, rallied to help raise funds for renovations.

The Ho family, which has owned the business for more than 50 years, is committed to preserving the menu and overall popular research paper writers sites sf of dining at Sam Wo as future plans develop.

Among the traditions that the family aims to maintain are the rice noodles, which David Ho made each morning from scratch. Edsel with "abused" customers in Undated photo by Jason G. Herb Caen's tribute to Edsel Ford Fung, San Francisco Chronicle, April 20, San Francisco Chronicle, April 24, Perched on almost every pier, they served longshoreman, dockworkers, sailors, and other mariners with hot coffee and filling fare to fuel their grueling workdays.

Only few such establishments remain, including Java House and Red's Java House, which are often confused and have an integral history. The java joint popular research paper writers sites sf Pier 30, which first opened as "Franco's Lunch" during the Depression, was known for its cheeseburger professional research proposal editor site nyc beer breakfast special.

Local boys, the McGarveys grew up in Potrero Hill. Red joined the Merchant Marine at age 15 and sailed the globe during World War II. As the war ended, the McGarvey ghostwriters essay mba australia sites professional returned home and teamed up as java house proprietors.

Eventually, a brotherly feud led Red to leave the partnership and purchase the java house on Pier 30, to which he gave the nickname by which he'd been known since childhood due to his red hair. Fortunately, the brothers eventually reconciled, and Red was joined again in business by his brother, who gave up the original Java House to work at Red's. Red's Java House was operated by the brothers for over forty years, although challenges were had along the way.

In the early s, when cargo-shipping popular research paper writers sites sf left the Port of San Francisco for Oakland, Red's Java House lost much of its business.

The McGarvey brothers, however, refashioned the establishment for a broader range of locals and the tourist trade, which kept read more afloat. The java house was also threatened in the s by a major fire that destroyed the shed of Pier 32 behind Red's.

The restaurant survived unscathed, and the McGarvey brothers persevered popular research paper writers sites sf became one of the last outposts of http://cheapcarinsurancequoteswi.co/best-blog-editing-services-toronto.php old waterfront.

The brothers have since retired, with Michael passing in But Red's Java House is still situated near the Bay Bridge, serving coffee and food, including its classic hamburgers, to locals and tourists alike. Undated photo of Michael McGarvey by the San Francisco Chronicle. Undated photo from the Heritage Archive. Undated photo by Brant Ward for the Chronicle. Painter Richard Louis Perri shows off his painting of Red's Java House on the Embarcadero.

Photo by Mike Kepka for the Chronicle. Interior shot of Red's Continue reading House. Rand, San Francisco's reigning burlesque dancer, hosted the most popular attraction for people visiting the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island. Under the ownership of Havelock Jerome, the establishment began hosting live music in the s. Photo courtesy of thebeefjar. Just a short popular research paper writers sites sf from West Portal MUNI station, the Philosopher's Club is a neighborhood bar perfect for friendly gatherings, watching the game, or starting off your weekend after a long work week.

This neighborhood hangout recently underwent renovation, transforming it from a dive to a hip and cozy place for a drink. Inspired by the establishment's name, the ceiling features popular research paper writers sites sf mural of famous historic thinkers. Whether you're a local, a tourist, or just want to spend some time with a drink and your thoughts, the Philosopher's Club is the place to be. Interestingly enough, the bar features the only photo just click for source famed bartender Jerry Thomas in San Francisco, as he prepares his Blue Blazer cocktail.

Thomas wrote the first book on mixology and was a noted figure in San Francisco during the Gold Rush, bartending at the Occidental hotel on Montgomery Street. Photo by William M. Photo courtesy of the Philosopher's Club. Photo by Telstar on Yelp. The Mitchell family owned and operated a small dairy farm near 29th St. Larry and Jack Mitchell grew up in a home on this same property, and this connection to the dairy business prompted them to open an ice cream parlor in the Mission District in The brothers constructed the business in their spare time and learned the craft of ice cream making in a grand total of three days.

They wanted their parlor to serve the best ice cream in San Francisco, so they originally conceived 19 flavors using learn more here the freshest ingredients. Now serving over 40 flavors, the family still makes each gallon batch on site. Mitchell's Dairy Farm, Photo courtesy of Mitchell's Ice Cream.

Larry Mitchell with customers in View of the storefront, Two generations: Linda, Larry, and Brian Mitchell. So the legend goes, Antone J. Herzo born in Austria and his wife, Julia Herzo born in Ireland opened the doors in to serve workers at the Midwinter Fair in Golden Gate Park.

San Francisco city directories, however, indicate that the Herzos resided in the Richmond District and operated a saloon at 7th Avenue and Fulton Street. Aroundshe married Jason P. Quigley, and the couple resided in the same building as the Little Shamrock.

He married his beloved Charlotte Lottie Herzo, and they raised two children, Dorothy and Antone. Since the s, the Little Shamrock has attracted athletes and sport fans due to its proximity to Kezar Stadium.

World War I draft registration card for Antone P. Bartender at Little Shamrock, Photo courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public LIbrary. Image of motorcycle outside Little Shamrock, The Gold Dust Lounge was established in by Greek immigrant brothers Jim and Tasios Popular research paper writers sites sf. It opened in the shop space on Powell Street, near Union Square, that was formerly occupied by Popular research paper writers sites sf and Beaus, a 'Gay Nineties' themed burlesque bar, which had occupied the space since This included a ceiling mural of cavorting nudes that had been painted by an unnamed MGM set designer, flocked wallpaper, brass electroliers, a salvaged Victorian bar, and a fire pole that the cocktail waitresses who wore peacock tails would slide down periodically.

It also quickly evolved into a "piano bar" with frequent singalongs. Dixieland jazz performances were popular through the s, when the bar switched over to featuring rock standards. Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, Janis Joplin, Herb Caen, and Willie Brown were known regulars at various times during the Gold Dust Lounge's history.

Caen called the bar Downtown's last "night cappery. After 47 years in San Francisco's popular Union Square area, the Lounge faced eviction in due to a corporate buyout offer, leaving the beloved bar without a home. A city-wide preservation effort ensued as locals fought to save the Gold Dust Lounge.

Though ultimately evicted, the Gold Dust Lounge relocated to a newly remodeled Fisherman's Wharf location that opened in In popular research paper writers sites sf new location, the Gold Dust Lounge has worked to preserve the atmosphere and look of the previous location through the menu and relocated original decor. Courtesy of the Gold Dust Lounge.

Herb Caen at the old Gold Dust undated. Photo courtesy of the Gold Dust Lounge. In this column fromHerb Caen writes: "We headed for the last of the authentic nightcapperies, the Gold Dust on Powell. I made dresses with ostrich feathers around the hemline. They wore high heels, red satin shoes, a plume in their hair. They were really just spectacular.

I painted a portrait of one of the waitresses. The costumes probably lasted a year because it was rather costly. The girls would sit down, the feathers would crack. Cat Hill serenades Willie Brown with "Save the Gold Dust Lounge. Legend has it that he commissioned the ceiling mural from MGM Studios in the s. Mayor Ed Lee at the new Gold Dust. Bartender Casey Lippi mixes an Irish Coffee. New Gold Dust Lounge. InGino Guidi and his wife Renato Guidi acquired Tony and Mario, the short-lived bar that opened in at this location.

Gino had been running a grocery store with his brother Guido Guidi in the Marina. The Guidis partnered with Carlos Matteucci previously operating the Columbus Beer Popular research paper writers sites sf and christened their new establishment "Gino and Carlo. Writer Stan Delaplane, named one of the "last of the old irreplaceables" by Herb Caen, often composed his column at the bar. Today, Gino and Carlo caters to people from all over the city and is considered one of the most authentic old-time bars in San Francisco.

Undated view of Green Street. Richard Brautigan reading at Dino [i. Hypothesis services ghostwriting us dissertation professional Green papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Photo by Dave Glass on Flickr. Frank Rossi with poet Tony Dingman. Herb Caen and Stanton Delaplane, undated. Photo courtesy of yelp. Photo courtesy of citysearch.

The Empress of China Bar and Restaurant is known for its breathtaking views overlooking San Francisco's Chinatown and Nob Hill neighborhoods. Visitors enter the restaurant via an elevator, where, upon exiting, they find themselves beneath an intricate ton octagonal pavilion inspired by the original creation located in the royal pleasure park of Peking. The intricate wooden pavilion was built in Taiwan, shipped to San Francisco, and reassembled in Chinatown. Over the decades, its restaurant and ballroom complete with dance floor and stage have served as venues for weddings, family parties, red egg and ginger parties, and community events.

Many community popular research paper writers sites sf, including the Chinatown Merchants Association, continue to host meetings and events at Empress, including family associations, some of which have up to members! Empress of China is a staple of San Francisco's Chinatown neighborhood and loves to serve good food with style. Menu courtesy of the San Francisco Public Library. Postcard courtesy of deanjab.

Courtesy of the National Museum of American History. Fragment of a menu, s. Benkyo-do Company is one of Japantown's original businesses, which has existed in two known locations within Japantown since click Founded by Suyeichi Okamura born in Kagoshima, Japan, inthe business was originally located on Geary Street and remained there through During World War II, the Okamura family was detained at Amache internment camp in Colorado.

A few years later, inthe business moved to its current location during a time of major neighborhood reorganization that occurred as a result of federally funded urban renewal. Shortly after moving into the current building, the business was passed to Hirofumi Okamura, son of the founder.

Initially known as the Benkyodo Candy Factory, the business has always specialized in the manufacturing of the Japanese confections, mochi, and manju. Today, it is the last remaining manufacturer of these traditional Japanese foods in San Francisco and the oldest of two such manufacturers in popular research paper writers sites sf Bay Area. The company produces several hundred pieces of mochi and manju a day in 15 different varieties, using a traditional handmade method that was brought to the U.

The shop at the front of the building features a bakery counter click at this page the mochi and manju are sold, as well as a lunch counter that serves Japanese American fare. The shop has been a local gathering place throughout its history and has also become an attraction to Japanese tourists, who come to enjoy traditional handmade Japanese desserts that are becoming less common in Japan as tastes turn toward Western cuisine.

The building that houses Benkyo-do Co. The International-style building was designed by Kazuo Goto, a Japanese American architect based in Berkeley, and was constructed by S. Handa Sons, a building and carpentry business popular research paper writers sites sf in the Japantown neighborhood. Original architectural plans show that the building was specifically designed for the business it houses.

The first floor contains senbei and mochi rooms as well as a shop space. Senbei are a type of Japanese cracker, while mochi are rice cakes, often filled with ice cream, bean paste, or other sweets. Manju is a derivation of mochi filled with red bean paste. The senbei and mochi rooms are called out specifically in the architectural drawings for the building, along with the equipment and stations necessary to the manufacturing processes. The senbei room includes space for the machine that bakes the crackers.

The mochi room features a space for the usu, the wood or stone mortar used to pound rice into a paste; areas for sei-ros, the large rectangular metal or bamboo steamers popular research paper writers sites sf mochi and manju are cooked; and a kama space for the large cast-iron pots used to cook bean paste or heat water for tea.

The mochi room also has a grinding space, press space, oven, work table, and floors sloped for drainage. The second floor of the building was designed as the Okamura family residence and featured a sitting room, three bedrooms, a family room, a dining room, a laundry room, a kitchen, and a small deck.

Its construction was related to the events of post-World War II Popular research paper writers sites sf American resettlement, to the physical redevelopment of the Western Addition, and to the history of the Japantown cultural community. Benkyodo Candy Factory, c. Courtesy of Gary Ono. Suyeichi Okamura, founder of Benkyodo, in Photo courtesy of Gary Ono. Kata, or hand skillet, of Benkyodo. Photo by Gary Ono. Photo courtesy of Sunshine Texas Day.

Map courtesy of California Japantowns. Serving breakfast, burgers, and other treats, Beeps is known for its best essay writers website london and fresh American food. Popular research paper writers sites sf the neon has been removed, even the original sign featuring a retro rocket ship stands prominently at the corner of Ocean and Lee Avenues. Beep's Burger sign with the neon still intact, Courtesy of the Western Neighborhoods Project.

Menu courtesy of Dineries. Mooshei along with his wife, Nanahan Mooshei, and son Bruno born in immigrated from what is now Iran to California.

Two years later, the family welcomed a second son, Allen, and settled in a flat at Ashbury Street. Popular research paper writers sites sf received a gin martini from Bruno, and only women were given napkins.

With beautiful murals of Persian fairy tales painted by Jon S. Oshanna and Persian-inspired decorative archways, Aub Zam Zam stands out along the upper stretch of Haight Street. Bruno Mooshei passed away inbut the current owners continue to serve martinis now among other drinks and work to preserve his legacy. Interior of Aub Zam Zam, Anchor Steam Brewery traces its roots back towhen Gottlieb Brekle bought an old beer-and-billiards saloon on Pacific Street and turned it into a brewery. German brewer Ernst F.

Baruth and his son-in-law, Otto Schinkel, Jr. The building on Pacific was destroyed during the fire that followed the Great Earthquake of The brewery was relocated to the South of Market SoMa by German brewers Joseph Kraus and August Meyer, along with liquor store owner Henry Tietjen. Prohibition officially shut the brewery down untillearn more here some unofficial brewing may have taken place popular research paper writers sites sf a paper trail.

InFritz Maytag acquired and revived the struggling brewery at a time when mass production of beer dominated the industry. Maytag read article to a style of brewing that was first brought to California by Czech and German immigrants in the 19th century, producing lager beer at ale temperatures.

Inthe company moved to masters essay website sf current location, a former coffee roasting factory building that dates to Exterior view of Anchor Steam Brewery after fire. Brewmaster Joe Allen at an Anchor Steam brew tap, Brewmaster Joe Allen inspects barrels at Anchor Steam, Fritz Maytag at Anchor Steam, undated.

Fritz Maytag pours Anchor Steam beer, undated. Courtesy of Anchor Popular research paper writers sites sf. Today a tourist hot spot, Fisherman's Wharf was once a functioning waterfront facility where crab fisherman unloaded heaps of Dungeness crab caught in San Francisco Bay.

Crab fishing was primarily undertaken by members of the large Italian population from the adjacent North Beach neighborhood and, subsequently, Italian cuisine came to dominate at the wharf. In the early days, the fishermen would set up steaming cauldrons on the dock-side to boil fresh-caught crab, which would popular research paper writers sites sf be sold in paper cups to passers by.

The tradition continues today, with many Fisherman's Wharf restaurants featuring crab cauldrons out front.

Emerging from that early seafood-hawking tradition, Nunzio Alioto, a Scilian immigrant, set up a fresh fish stall on Fisherman's Wharf in

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